Written by:
Christine Christodoulou

#RevociansReveal with Jonny Bradley

When you’re a graduate heading out into the world of full-time employment it can be over whelming. You’re going to be hit with a lot of career options and let’s face it… a lot of opinions. Some options will be a stop gap before you find your true passion and others will lead you into a long journey in a career where you’re able to pull up the ranks in an industry.

One of the options you’re bound to see pop up when you’re trawling the job sites is that of a trainee recruitment consultant.

What even is that? Why Recruitment?

Being totally honest with you, recruitment careers are not something people grow up dreaming about and it’s probably not one that they tell you about at Uni or school. But, that doesn’t mean it’s one to scroll on by.

Recruitment grows in popularity year on year for graduates the world over. The possibilities and rewards (without sounding cliché) are endless for those who are willing to jump in and work hard.

Our latest content series is designed to help new job seekers who are interested in recruitment careers navigate their job search and understand if a recruitment career is the right option for them. Revocians Reveal is all about dispelling myths in the industry, celebrating the achievements, and dishing out tips to the next generation of recruiters. Each instalment you’ll hear from a member of the Revoco team on their career so far, achievements, f**k ups and of course, their advice to anyone thinking about pursuing a career in this space. ( Check out our previous instalment with Lily, here.)

So, with that being said, we’re delighted to share our next instalment where we hear from Jonny! Jonny has been a part of the Revoco family for just under a year. When he’s not absolutely bossing his role building data teams across the UK,  you’ll find him at the gym, playing football, watching football or trying to win Warzone on the PlayStation. He’s our resident cheeky chappy and we love him just as much as his clients and candidates do!

If you’re serious about learning more about a career in recruitment … here is a strong place to start. Jonny spills the tea on his recruitment career so far, achievements, misconceptions and even dishes out some advice to rookies in the field.

To find out more about Jonny, his market and read more of his blogs, click here.

2021 is shaping up to be a great year for us and we have exciting plans in the pipeline. We’re currently on the look out for trainees to join us and be a part of the journey. No experience is necessary, just a drive to succeed and be a part of what we have envisioned. If you’ve finished this blog and you’re sure recruitment is the right step for you. We’d love to hear from you!


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