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The Revoco teams’ top interview tips

Got an interview coming up that you’re feeling a little unprepared for? Not to worry, the Revoco team have got you covered!

With 2022 set to be another big year for companies hiring, some of the team have offered up their top interview tips for this year.


Interview Tips

Communicate Clearly

  • Communicate with confidence and clarity
  • Take a second to compose your thoughts before answering questions
  • Answer with enthusiasm

Tim Farmer – Delivery Lead


Quality Questions

  • Prepare quality questions ahead of the interview
  • Interviews go both ways. The job needs to be right for you!
  • Ask for feedback to help you with other interviews

Lily Francis – Senior Delivery Consultant


Using the STAR method

  • Situation: explain the situation
  • Task: what was required of you?
  • Activity explain what YOU did
  • Result: what was the outcome?

Iain Brook – Engineering Team Lead


Research & Preparation

  • Ensure you’ve done your research on the company
  • Use this to clearly articulate why you want to join them
  • Know what’s on your CV

Christine Christodoulou – Founder & Director


Honesty & Transparency

  • Don’t know something? Don’t worry! Be honest about what already know and explain how would learn and develop
  • Have great examples of things you’ve personally achieved

Josh Abbott – Transformation Team Lead


If you’re looking for a helping hand throughout the job search process, one of the Revoco is always on hand to help. Just let us know how we can help!


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