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Harry Butcher

Job search template

Let’s be honest, the process of finding a new job can get a bit messy sometimes!

This is why we’ve created a free, all-in-one, job search template for people looking to stay on top of their job hunt.

This can be used to keep track of which jobs you’ve applied for and to keep hold of those all-important hiring manager details.

You can download the template here 👇


How to use this template

We’ve split things into two tabs – applications & job interviews.

This is for you to keep track of all the jobs you’ve applied for, so you know who you’ve heard back from and who you need to chase!

Job Interviews
This is the most important tab. It’s for you to keep track of all your interviews, key contacts and where you are with different positions. You can also keep track of key feedback to help you improve for further interviews.

If you want a helping hand finding that dream job, team Revoco would be more than happy to help. Just let us know! hello@revoco-talent.co.uk


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