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Christine Christodoulou

(Video) Workplace 2.0: How to create an inclusive & diverse team in a talent short market

Welcome to Workplace 2.0, our bi-monthly webinar series which sees us dissect the most topical challenges that the future of the workplace is facing. Be that the knock-on impacts felt by the workforce as a result of the global pandemic or discussing highly relevant issues such as employee engagement, wellbeing, and diversity and inclusion.

We’re all navigating ourselves and our businesses through the new normal, right?

Workplace 2.0 is all about knowledge sharing, learning from those who have been there and done it, and share their expertise. Workplace 2.0 aims to support our attendees in the way of advice that they can take away and apply to aspects of their own business.

This month we tackled D&I. How do we create a diverse and inclusive team in a talent short market?

Operating in the tech talent space we’ve witnessed first-hand the benefits a more inclusive and diverse workforce can have. A lack of D&I has been a problem for years and whilst we’ve seen progression, it’s a million miles away from where we need it to be.

Our most recent installment of Workplace 2.0 aimed to educate our clients and support other business leaders on how to drive a more inclusive workforce, whilst up against the challenge of the digital skills gap.

We were lucky enough to be joined by Dr. Zara Nanu who talked about her experiences as well as how her business, Gapsquare, is making waves in the D&I world by championing inclusive employers, closing the gender pay gap and so much more. We were also joined by Lyndsey Britton-Lee and Lynsey Harbottle – founders of 50:50 future (Diversity & Inclusion training consultancy) who  added their perspectives, success stories as well as top tips for managers on how to implement a more inclusive culture.

Together we touched on gender bias, inclusive hiring, traps managers often fall into when it comes to D&I and loads more. Catch the full footage from the webinar below…


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