Written by:
Christine Christodoulou

(Video) Don’t Fear the F Word with Martijn De Wever
founder of Floww

Welcome to our latest instalment of ‘Don’t Fear the F word’!

If you’re not familiar with the series, Don’t fear the F word sees us welcome a member of the founder’s community each month to talk candidly about the fears, failures and f**k ups they have experienced while taking on the monumental task of growing a start-up.

Consider this a celebration. We believe failure is not something that should be feared by founders, but instead should be something that is welcomed, embraced and learned from. Who better to relay this wisdom than the people who have been there, done it and worn the ‘I f**ked up’ t-shirt.

We were over the moon to welcome our most recent guest, Martijn De Wever CEO/ Founder of Floww / Force over Mass.  Floww bring clarity to the complex world of Venture Capital, giving their clients everything they need to run a VC firm,  accelerator or raise capital for their start-up.

Martijn spoke in detail about his experiences both as a founder and a VC, including the fears he has had to overcome as a founder and the mistakes founders often make on the mission to secure funding for their start-up. Catch footage from the webinar below…

Get a feel for the series by catching up on our previous sessions below…


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