Written by:
Christine Christodoulou

(Video) Workplace 2.0: engagement, health & wellbeing for remote teams!

Back in October, we joined forces with workplace design experts Interaction and fashion retail giant River Island to discuss the future of the workplace, and how the current pandemic has shifted the “role” of the office.

Catch highlights from the webinar below…

For our second session, we will delved deeper into the knock-on impacts faced by our remote teams, as a result of the global Pandemic.

We were delighted to be joined by Katie Maycock- founder of Get Your Sh*t Together. Katie specialises in talking about the impact that stress has on the body and mind. How it can reduce productivity, mental clarity and how it’s limiting people. She works with CEO’s, Directors, Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs to help regain control of their health as well as overcoming and preventing burnout.

Katie shared guidance on how to better support our remote teams with their mental health and wellbeing. A challenge facing leaders across the board at the moment.

Joined by Katie was Paul Heaton. Paul specialises in Communications, Employee Engagement and Employee Recognition, and runs two successful businesses in this space:

The Comms Guru – which focuses on internal communications and digital channels

• Fanclub Recognition – which offers a fully outsourced employee recognition service and platform.

Paul will be shared his extensive knowledge with our audience on employee engagement, trends as a result of the pandemic and how managers can better engage their teams in 2021.

Together we tackled these questions:

How do we communicate effectively when all your workforce is remote? 
– What’s changed in internal communications?
– What can organisations do to keep engagement high?
– What signs are we looking for in our teams are struggling with their mental wellbeing? 
– How can we support our remote workers with their mental health and well being?
-What trends will we see this year in these two highly topical areas?

Catch footage below…


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