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8 in-demand skills needed in UI/UX design and product design

Do you have the skills to pay the bills? Uncover the most essential skills needed to be a UI/UX designer or product designer to set yourself apart from the rest.

With user experience (UX), user interface (UI) and product designer roles becoming increasingly important in the tech industry, the world could be your oyster. But only if you possess a particular set of skills.

In this article, we spill the tea on some of these essential proficiencies, so you can level up your portfolio and take you one step closer to landing your dream tech job.

Key skills for UI/UX Designers or Product Designers

1. Strong research skills

There’s a method behind the creative madness in any of these job roles. Designers need efficient research skills to identify the needs of the consumer. This skill will ensure the design or product has the best outcome and solution that appeals to market demands.

From research planning to surveying methods and auditing, UI/UX designers and product designers should refine their research skills to wow employers.

2. Think creatively (and show evidence)

Being creative is a fundamental skill for UI/UX and product design. But can you come up you’re your own ideas?

Creativity and the ability to design new ways of doing things can help designers develop innovative ideas that add value to the potential employer.

So, we recommend spending some time exploring existing ideas and testing and developing them, whether it’s in your current role or on a personal passion project.

3. Really understand the technology

With the ever-changing nature of the tech industry, UI/UX designers and product designers must understand the newest technology.

For example, understanding advances, such as in programming languages, will ultimately put you in the best position to show off your knowledge and help you stand out.

Bookmarking informative blogs for the latest updates and working methods is a perfect starting point.

4. Complex problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills help product designers find the top solutions to consumer or site visitors’ needs and issues.

It is a highly desired skill tech businesses look out for when hiring UI/UX and product designers. Using logic and imagination to make sense of a situation is how intelligent solutions come about.

When you feel like you’ve demonstrated complex problem-solving, make a note. These real-life examples will come in handy when an interviewer asks you competency-based questions on this very subject.

5. Prototyping and wireframing skills

Prototyping and wireframing are critical to successful outcomes with user interface, user experience and product designs.

It allows designers to test functionality with page and product functionality and overall navigation.

As problems occur, it is a designer’s job to find other options and alternative solutions to guarantee success and eliminate competition.

UX/UI and product designers should have the skills to quickly and effectively correct the prototype or wireframe to make it work correctly

6. Attention to detail

When it comes to improving UI, UX or product design skills, sweat the small stuff. Every user is a critic and has a platform via the internet to voice these opinions. So, embrace curiosity about change and be willing to go the extra mile to get things right.

Perfection is impossible, but there’s no harm in aiming for it. Digital products, SaaS platforms and apps all require a higher level of detail and complete efficiency.

If you can demonstrate your openness to development and a duty of care to the smaller details when following a client’s guidelines, you’ll put yourself in good stead.

7. Persistence and determination

In this role, there will be a lot of hurdles. Changes are constant and demands evolve. You’ll need to show a higher level of persistence and determination.

Have you got any experiences, inside or outside of work, that demonstrate these qualities?

8. Analytical skills

Even after a product is complete, you will monitor the data on the usability to find ways to improve it and infer new product ideas.

Understanding numbers, percentages, and rations will help you evaluate the performance and usability of your designs

Here are the top 3 must have UX analytics tools for UX designers.

Discover more helpful content to help improve your UX/UI and product design skills

If you’re keen to continue improving your chances of landing your next big tech job, head to our blog. You’ll find an array of helpful content from our expert team of recruiters.

You can also find information on the value of in-demand UX/UI design and product design skills in our latest salary report.


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