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Talent acquisition can be a messy business…

The technology talent pool is constantly changing, and recruiting that talent gets ever more challenging. So whether you’re planning on doing more of it yourself, or looking for external help, don’t just jump in - talk to us first.

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Recruitment Services… all grown up!

We've learned a few things over the years about talent in the tech market, and we’ve also seen some behaviour from the recruitment sector that quite frankly deserved a spell on the naughty step!

We set up Revoco to turn a fresh page in our industry’s story by demanding absolute integrity from everything we do, with complete transparency to back it up.

Driving good behaviour from our consultants means rewarding them for client and candidate satisfaction, not the number of calls they make, CVs they send out, or even the roles they fill.

From providing video clips of interviews, to valuable insight on your candidate’s journey and their perception of your brand, we don’t just talk about change; we are the change that our industry - and yours - has been waiting for.

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Anyone who’s ever crossed paths with me during the last 2 decades (gulp) will know, I’m about the least ‘recruitmenty’ person there is. I’ve always said “if you don't lie you don't have anything to remember” and that's been the basis of the relationships I’ve built and the referrals that have followed. That’s why we’re called Revoco.” (and Latin was always my favourite subject - not!)
Iain Blair
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer....
Added: 22/2/2019
Not all collaborations are equal. Sometimes two of the most unlikely bedfellows come together and make sweet, sweet music. When Run-DMC reworked Aerosmith’s Walk This Way in 1986, musical ground was broken. The success of the single meant that Run-DMC...
Winter is Coming...
Added: 22/2/2019
We’re looking for a talented Contracts Consultant to join the ever-expanding team of Revocian wildlings! We don’t need you to know your dragons from your unicorns or be a full blown Maester. What we really want is for someone who...


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