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4 creative ways to get found via your LinkedIn profile

Discover how to optimise your LinkedIn profile and give yourself the best possible chance of landing your next dream job.

With over 850 million members in more than 200 countries, we all know LinkedIn is the go-to social platform for all things career and recruitment.

Yet, it remains a diamond in the rough, with only 57% of active job seekers truly utilising the platform.

The good news is that optimising your LinkedIn profile is quick and simple. All it takes is a bit of wisdom and an hour of your time. Cue the tips.

How to get found via your LinkedIn profile

1) Unlock your presence with keywords 🔑

Beyond just a resume shop window, LinkedIn is a platform with the power to target and drive quality employers to your profile.

So, how do we do this?

We optimise. 🎯

Like SEO, optimising your profile on LinkedIn begins with identifying relevant keywords in your industry. It all depends on your role (profession) and a combination of terms that define the role (specialism).

For example, the main keyword might be “Software Engineer”, and the associated terms to distinguish your role could include “Apps & Mobile”, “DevOps” and “Cyber Security”.

Now, this is not the time to be quirky. Before showing our personality, we need to get spotted.

Include your career keywords in your LinkedIn:

  • Headline
  • About section
  • Experience section
  • Featured section

You can also optimise keywords to your profile picture before uploading it alongside your background banner.

Just remember to avoid keyword stuffing. Your LinkedIn profile still needs to flow and make sense. Simply keep the keywords in mind when writing each section and when they pop up naturally, slot them in.

2) Smile like you mean it 😊

Before saving your picture with a relevant keyword and uploading it, ensure the image itself fits the bill.

Here are a few dos and don’ts for LinkedIn profile pics:


  • Look approachable & personable
  • Take a headshot (60% of face)
  • Choose a recent picture
  • Wear clothes you would wear at work
  • Look straight on (eye contact with the lens is imperative. LinkedIn isn’t the place for edgy candid snaps of you wistfully looking into the distance)


  • Use filters (authenticity is critical)
  • Crop a group photo
  • Have a distracting background
  • Crop yourself out! Make sure you’re in the shot and half of your head isn’t cropped out.

Remember, first impressions matter! So, when you’re uploading your new profile picture, ask yourself “how does this make me look?”.

3) The professional/personal sweet spot ⚖️

Job searching can a bit like dating. You wouldn’t reveal all your cards and weird quirks on the first date. You give the other person a flavour of what you’re about.

As a candidate within the tech industry, the same principle applies to LinkedIn.

To get found via LinkedIn, you need to include just enough of the right information to attract recruiters and employers.

The corporate professionalism façade of our parent’s era has diluted into a more transparent, warm, and open community.

Essentially, employers want to get to know you to see if you will fit into their team. It’s not all skillset and experience, personality counts.

But too much too soon might count for nothing. So, ease off a bit on the deepest, darkest secrets and just give them a taste.

Be brave to be yourself on your profile, especially in the about section. Let them see what makes you tick, why you’re passionate and how you can bring value to their company culture.

4. Claim your (URL) name 🔗

Personalising your URL will appear professional while enhancing your online presence. It’s a simple edit that takes two seconds.

All you need to do is:

  • Select “View Profile”
  • See top-right and select “Edit public profile & URL”
  • Click the small pencil and adjust accordingly
  • Hit save and voilà!

Let us help you get found on LinkedIn

If you’re an aspiring professional looking for your next career move in the tech sector, drop Revoco a quick message now.

Our specialist recruiters are here to help guide your career and land your dream job.


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