Black and white image of a child writing at her desk whilst wearing headphones. Cover image for the contractor onboarding checklist.

Written by:
Christine Christodoulou

Contractor Onboarding Checklist

Start on the right note and improve your contractor onboarding experience by following our essential checklist.

We all know first impressions count. Now you’ve successfully gone through the hiring process, it’s time to get your new contractor onboarded and ensure a seamless transition.

To make the perfect first impression and get the most out of your new contractor, it’s key to understand the key information they need to know and ensure they have everything they need.

From preboarding preparations to maximizing their impact from day one, we have you covered with our comprehensive checklist.


Still have questions?

We know onboarding a contractor isn’t always a walk in the park. That’s where Revoco come in!

If you’re after further support in hiring and onboarding contractors, reach out to one of the Revoco team for further support and expert advice.


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