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Christine Christodoulou

Don’t Fear the F word with Dan Scholey, COO at MoneyHub

Welcome to our most recent instalment of ‘Don’t Fear the F word’, our bi-monthly webinar series!

If you’re yet to join us for a session – every other month we welcome a member of the founder’s community to talk candidly about the fears, failures and f**k ups they have experienced while taking on the monumental task of growing a start-up.

Consider this a celebration. We believe failure is not something that should be feared by founders, but instead should be something that is welcomed, embraced and learned from. Who better to relay this wisdom than the people who have been there, done it and worn the ‘I f**ked up’ t-shirt.

Our previous guests have included Lumio’s  Adrian Shedden who spoke to us about co-founder misalignment, Cookies HQ who spoke to us about distraction and Dr Sam Griesel who spoke to us about the psychology behind fear and failure.  (Feel free to click here to catch up with earlier sessions, scroll below for footage.)

We were over the moon to welcome our next guest speaker, Dan Scholey. Dan is COO at Bristol-based start-up, MoneyHub , the open finance platform that enables its users to truly understand and engage their customers through powerful analytics and smart, actionable insights that deliver unique hyper-personalized experiences.

Dan gave us insights into his journey with Moneyhub complete with lessons he has learned along the way in his career which has influenced his approach to scaling Moneyhub.

Catch footage from the session below…

See footage from previous sessions below…


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