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What we do

Ultimately, we help our clients attract and hire the best tech talent. From searching for one-off candidates with niche skills, to project managing the recruitment of entire teams, or advising on Employer Value Proposition, we offer a variety of services which enable our clients to succeed.

Whilst we like to say we specialise in Tech & Digital, to be a bit more specific, we cover your whole product team. Whether it’s that designer you need to transform your product or a Delivery Manager to make sure things run smoothly, we’ve got you covered.

Product & Delivery

Business Analysis
Service Architecture

Software Engineering

Software Engineering
Quality Assurance
App & Mobile

Data & Analytics

Data Science
Data Engineering
Data Analytics
Business Intelligence

Information Technology

Service Delivery

Over the last few years we’ve also developed a number of bespoke tools which enhance both the hiring managers’ and candidates’ experience, capturing insights along the way and maximising the chance of success for everyone.

For our clients who share our commitment to positive climate action, we also offer the ability to greenify your new hires from us, which offsets their carbon footprint for a year.

But it doesn’t stop there. We understand that there should be more choice when it comes to commercial options too. So, whatever stage you’re at, one of our three distinct service lines will be right for you.

Our technology & tools

Download our eBook to find out all about the technology & tools we use and how they’re enhancing our clients hiring strategy. Hover over our tools below for a snippet of info on how they aid the process.

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    A CV only tells half the story. Improve your ratios and reduce your hiring time by 75%
    Candidates behave more like consumers than job hunters – what do they know about you?
    Fully GDPR compliant real time visibility at every stage of the process  
    Driving great behaviour and representing your brand in the best possible light.

    Spotlight is a great tool because it allows us to see the more human element of people and what they are like before you meet them. Therefore, face to face interviews you have are genuinely high quality interviews with high quality candidates because you can screen people a lot easier when you can see how they act to questions on video.

    Dan Goodall,
    Technology & Transformation Director, Ecotricity