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Harry Butcher

Don’t Fear the F Word with Darren Monioro, Founder of The B.O.X

Everyone has fears, failures and f**k ups – so let’s learn from them!

Our bi-monthly webinar series focuses on founders who have been brave enough to take on the start-up challenge and share some of their biggest mistakes – so you can drive your business forward without making those same mistakes!

Failure is not the opposite of success – it’s part of it. That’s why these sessions are packed full of practical advice. After all, who better to learn from than the very people who have been there and done that?

If you’re part of the founders’ community, we guarantee you’ll empathise with our guest speakers!

This month we were joined by Darren Monioro – entrepreneur, investor, tech professional, and founder of The B.O.X.

The B.O.X is an equity funding platform created by founders of black origin, for founders of black origin. Darren founded The B.O.X to redress the imbalance of black business ownership and bring diversity and representation to the investment landscape.

In this special edition of Don’t Fear the F Word, we discussed:

  • Some of the challenges black founders experience
  • Why it’s crucial to diversify the investing landscape
  • What The B.O.X is and how they intend to help
  • Some of the challenges and f-ups Darren’s faced as a founder

As we celebrate and honour the too-often overlooked accomplishments of Black Britons this month for Black History Month, Darren also brang to light the challenges faced by underrepresented black founders.

You can catch the full webinar here:

This candid series talks openly about real-life start-up mistakes and gives you practical takeaways to help you shape your businesses journey.

Whether you’re a founder who can relate to these fears or an entrepreneur looking to turn your ideas into reality, this webinar is a must-see.

Past guests have included Dan Scholey from MoneyHub, Anthony Seale from Legatics and Martijn De Wever from Floww – check them out here!

  • Are you interested in turning past mistakes into positives?
  • Do you laugh in the face of failure?

Want to know more? Want to join us as a guest? Contact: hbutcher@revoco-talent.co.uk


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