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7 non-technical roles in tech for software engineers looking for a career change

Are you a software engineer with a passion for tech but looking for a career change? Well, it doesn’t require you to leave the industry altogether. Check out these seven non-coding tech jobs as inspiration for your next move.

After years of coding and software engineering, it’s natural to want to shake things up a little. In some cases, the grass could be greener on the other side.

The good news is you don’t have to leave the world of tech altogether.

With all that experience in software engineering under your belt, there’s a good chance you already qualify as an invaluable acquisition in multiple other roles within the industry.

So, whether you want something more people-focused or less code-orientated, we’ve handpicked seven non-technical roles in tech to inspire your next big move.

Non-technical roles in tech

1. Developer Relations

If you’re looking for something wholesome in the heart and soul of a community, then have you ever thought about a role in developer relations?

“DevRels” help build and nurture networks between tech organisations and software developers.

With an impulse towards social connection and a taste for content, the day-to-day duties of a developer relation specialist would consist of:

  • Writing software/industry-specific blogs
  • Presenting at conferences
  • Creating demo applications
  • Managing social media accounts

As someone who knows the role inside out, you may like the idea of helping companies work better with their own coders.

Plus, there’s the variety between human interaction and content creation that would really suit a tech fanatic and overall marketing multi-disciplinarian.

Sound like a bit of you? Check out our LinkedIn tips to ensure you make the right impression.

2. Developer Marketing

If you have a way with words, an eye for visuals, and an ear to the ground on all things social media, then combining these talents with your software expertise can help support integrated multi-channel marketing campaigns.

As a developer marketer, your responsibilities would include:

  • Generating developer startups
  • Building awareness around resolutions provided by the product
  • Simplifying the learning process and displaying the benefits of the product

With a business-to-developer (B2D) approach, you can help personalise the developer journey with expertise superior to traditional marketing methods and techniques.

3. Sales Engineers

Not all sales jobs are created equal. So, if you have the “gift of the gab” with advanced knowledge across software, then you could be right at home as a sales engineer.

Within the fast-moving field of tech, the ideal sales engineers would require the following skills:

  • Interpersonal and intrapersonal qualities (soft skills)
  • Technical experience and knowledge

With no certification required to advance in a sales career, sales engineers can progress quickly, depending on your energy, professionalism and all-important winning smile.

As someone who has worked in tech for years, just think, who better to sell a complex software product than someone who fully understands the benefits and overall value?

No Del Boy deals or Terry Tibbs personas are required here. This role can offer ultimate fulfilment by building relationships and helping people find solutions.

4. Tech Recruiters

If you combine your empathy for the profession with an understanding of what tech companies need, you can make the ideal tech recruiter.

I mean, “hello!”. It’s what we do here at Revoco.

So, we can say with genuine integrity that supporting the tech industry (where our passions lie) by finding the best talent on the market for our clients is a rewarding and fun occupation.

As a tech recruiter, your day-to-day will look something like this:

  • Sourcing, screening, and providing qualified candidates for various tech roles
  • Building relationships with multiple tech companies.
  • Supporting and promoting the employer brand of your clients

Take it from us, recruitment in tech can prove a satisfying and productive career choice where you meet lots of people while making many meaningful memories!

5. Test Engineer

Instead of building code, how about testing it?

If you like solving technical issues and enjoy working alone, we suggest looking into test engineering or a quality assurance role.

Your responsibilities as a test engineer would include some of the following tasks:

  • Writing, debugging and refactoring test code
  • Run tests on various software components and features
  • Identify and fix technical issues

While still working closely with software engineers, you can help people understand the code base and test coverage at the unit level, becoming a vital connection between technical teams and the business.

6. Project Manager

If you’re hungry and ambitious to lead entire software projects, why not try your hand at project management?

By using your industry expertise and natural leadership skills, you will be invaluable in improving the strategy, utilising resources, and overseeing the overall management of the project.

As a project manager, you can look forward to:

  • Creating and designing projects alongside your relevant team members
  • Supervising your team throughout the process to ensure the project is delivered successfully
  • Managing the project budget and preparing progress reports for senior management

Here, people skills are precious alongside a logical and assertive mentality.

7. Product Manager

Lastly, if you understand tech trends and how they affect the market, specialising in a product manager role could be your ideal career switch.

Your expectations for the role should include:

  • Displaying expertise on the product subject matter
  • Working closely with the engineering team to improve the product UX
  • Conducting user research to understand how consumers will interact with the product

Your position as a product manager also requires maintaining cohesive communication between development and engineering teams to ensure the product is delivered successfully. In need of knowing more? Blaine is our go-to product specialist here at Revoco.

Ready to find a non-technical role in tech?

Having that initial experience as a software engineer is priceless in an industry that demands vocational capabilities and “know-how”.

But if you’re ready to mix things up and take the leap into a non-technical role in tech, we’re here to help. Check out our other blogs for further guidance and feel free to get in touch with any questions.

You can also find the latest roles on our careers page.


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