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Christine Christodoulou

Don’t Fear the F word with CookiesHQ (Video)

Catch footage of our most instalment of ‘Don’t Fear the F word’, our webinar series!

For those who might not know, ‘Don’t fear the F word’ sees us welcome a member of the founder’s community each month to talk candidly about the fears, failures and f**k ups they have experienced while taking on the monumental task of growing a start-up.

Consider it a celebration. We believe failure is not something that should be feared by founders, but instead should be something that is welcomed, embraced and learned from. Who better to relay this wisdom than the people who have been there, done it and worn the ‘I f**ked up’ t-shirt.

We were over the moon to welcome our most recent guests, Nic and Nathalie Alpi, the duo behind Bristol-based tight-knit tech agency, CookiesHQ to the webinar.

Nic and Nathalie aren’t strangers to the challenge’s entrepreneurs can endure on their quest for business success. During the session they relayed some experiences they’ve learnt from over the last 9 years, including failed product launches and the importance of practising what you preach to clients when it comes to building a product of your own, as well as touching on a dreaded decision to make redundancies. It was a great session!

Catch footage from the webinar below…

Find out more about CookiesHQ in our recent Revoco Talks Q&A – click here.

Got something to share with the wider founder community? Join us for Revoco Talks and help us spread the message that failures should NOT be feared, but celebrated! Contact us to get involved – click here.


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