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Christine Christodoulou

6 Must-see tech candidate CV tips from recruiters

Want to secure more tech interviews? Uncover six tried and tested CV tips from recruiters at Revoco to maximise your chances of landing your dream job.

Make no bones about it. A CV can make or break your chances of getting your dream job.

A poll of 1,000 recruiters by Adecco Retail found it only takes 34 seconds for an employer to decide whether a CV is worth further consideration. Talk about pressure.

The good news is that we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’ve bypassed the generic CV tips and asked some of our superstar recruiters to share some truly valuable pearls of wisdom. (You can thank us later.)

Tips for writing a CV

Demonstrate your impact

Responsibilities have their place on a CV. They describe your daily tasks and highlight your core transferable skills.

However, they don’t illustrate how successful you have been or what effect you have had on the business, your team, or your workstream.

Focus on your contributions.

What tangible examples do you have that demonstrate your impact?

For example, maybe you saved money, discovered a hidden mistake or improved the process.

These achievements stand out and paint a picture of the person behind the CV that isn’t generic. In fact, over 50% of recruiters reject a candidate if their CV is full of cliches, so it pays to be different.

We can guarantee that your profile will stand out more than those who list non-specific responsibilities.

You might surprise yourself. A detail you think isn’t important might be what a hiring manager is looking for.

Don’t fear a third page

This CV tip might be a more controversial opinion. Many experts will tell you to keep your CV to 1-2 pages, which in some cases, is completely right.

However, if it is a pertinent and notable achievement relevant to the job you are applying for, then you should definitely include it! Yes, even if it goes over two pages.

Interestingly, 77% of employers say seasoned workers should not use a single-page resume. Data shows that recruiters are 2.9 times more likely to pick a candidate with a two-page CV for managerial roles and 1.4 times more likely for entry-level positions.

Many employers like to see as much information as possible if it is relevant and impressive.

So, don’t fear a third page. It could be what gets you through the door.

Tailor your CV for each role

According to CareerBuilder, 54% of job applicants don’t tailor their CVs to each position or employer. And this can be a major red flag.

Tailoring your CV for every role is a small but important tip that can make a difference to your application.

Each job role will have slightly different qualities, attributes, or requirements that they are looking for. So, you must look out for these points and then change or add them where needed.

A study by Cultivated Culture in 2021 found that candidates only included 51% of relevant keywords when those could increase their chances of an interview. So, include skills and achievements they are looking for in the job description.

We advise having one general CV with everything you’ve ever done or achieved. You can then cherry-pick the most appropriate experiences and skills for the specific role.

Include hobbies and interests

Having hobbies on a CV might seem irrelevant, but they make you appear more personable.

77% of employers believe that soft skills are important, and 16% believe that these skills are more important than hard skills. The bottom line is your hobbies and interests will add these soft skills to your CV.

This point is also an opportunity to find common ground with the interviewer or hiring manager. It could be a great conversation starter if they share similar interests.

Include the industry next to the company names

A top CV tip from one of our recruiters is to include the industry next to the company names you’ve worked for.

It makes it easier for a potential interviewer to quickly build a rough picture of you and the experience you have acquired.

Write your reasons for a short-term engagement

It’s always helpful to explain why you were at a place for a short amount of time.

To some employers or recruiters, short-term employment can be a negative thing. So be honest, and don’t let them make assumptions.

Find more recruitment advice and CV tips from recruiters

A CV is the first contact you will have with a prospective employer, so use it to show them why they should hire you and what you will bring to the table.

Put our six tips into practice and improve your CV today.

To find more useful thoughts and scribbles on enhancing your application, read our blog. Alternatively, you can always get in touch and speak to our friendly team.


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