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Looking for your first graduate role in tech? Read this first!

There’s never been a better time to get into the tech industry, but how best should a graduate approach their job search?

With a UK tech skills shortage in full swing, you’re going to be in demand and can expect a very competitive salary.

And if you’re a tech grad from the University of Revoco’s very own hometown – Bristol – your chances of finding a job quickly are doubly good. In the ‘Graduate Market in 2022’ report, graduates from the University of Bristol ranked as the third most sought after by top employers.

It also revealed that top graddies could expect to earn a median starting salary of £32,000 – the first rise in that figure in eight years – and more than £50,000 from a handful of employers.

Choosing from lots of lucrative job offers… It’s a nice problem to have. But before you start sending out those CVs, we’ve got some advice that could save you a whole lot of time (and hassle) in the long run!

Don’t let dough dominate your job search

Money matters. It always has and always will. As a graduate, having just shelled out tens of thousands on a three-year course, those employers offering a bumper compensation package will, undoubtedly, be appealing.

But it’s not all about those big bucks, especially when you’re a grad. In the current climate, you’re going to be fairly well reimbursed anyway. What you want is a job that is going to excite you and deliver you tons of opportunities – improving your employability for your next role.

The corporate companies of the world are crying out for tech graduates right now. And they’re prepared to offer juicy salaries to get them. But they can’t always offer the best growth opportunities. Look beyond the pound signs to culture, training and development to bag your best role.

Take a chance on a start-up

Let’s qualify this bit of advice by acknowledging that working for a start-up is risky as there is a significant chance they fail (we’ve all seen the stats, right?). However, in a fast-moving tech start-up, you’ll learn a huge amount, and grow with the business.

Do your research. Understand their run rate. How long can they stay afloat? Are they generating revenue? Are they fundraising? Also, quiz the business leaders. Are there good senior developers who can enhance your learning? Are the founders experienced and hands-on? Do they put an emphasis on helping juniors?

The last thing you want to do is end up at a failing start-up that just expects you to work miracles with no support. While it’s healthy for there to be an element of ‘work things out for yourself’, you shouldn’t feel like you’re propping up the company’s entire technical ‘team’.

Know your worth

Yes, you might be a graduate. But that’s not a licence to let employers take the mickey out of you and offer you a pokey salary, assuming that you’re happy to just have a job. More than ever before, this is a candidate-led market.

Employers have lots to gain from hiring grads. You’re bringing the latest technical skills and theory to the business. You come in with tons of passion, thirsty for new information and looking to constantly learn and take on responsibility.

You’ll also be keen to get your hands dirty – meaning employers can often fill in the ‘gaps’ within a software engineering team, where more experienced engineers are focused on a more specialised area.

So, know your worth to a business. Don’t get stitched up on salary!

Trust us when we say there are a lot of companies out there thinking hiring graduates is the cheap option. Compared to hiring senior engineers, it technically is. But you might want to have those average salary figures at the top of the blog handy when negotiating for your first graduate role in tech.

There’s no better time than the present to start your job search. Although your skills are very much in demand, you should be under no illusions that there are thousands of grads in the same boat. And, as you’ll come to learn, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in a job-heavy market.

Get rowing before your fellow graduates with some help from Revoco.


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