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Alex Liggatt

The importance of the recruiter-candidate relationship

So, picture this…

Lockdown has left your locks looking like Chuck Noland’s, so you book a fresh trim for the first day your hairdressers are open.

You’ve gone with Kirsty because she knows exactly what you like (plus she spends ages on the conditioning massage). But, when you get there, another hairdresser is standing at her chair.

“Sorry, Kirsty called in sick this morning.”

Panic sets in. You debate running out the door. But you can’t go another day with this Cast Away-cut, so you take a seat, catch yourself in the mirror and realise you’ve failed big time at disguising your disappointment.

Our point (we’re sure you’re wondering) is this: humans are creatures of habit and thrive off the familiar. Whether we’re getting our hair done, visiting the docs or sweating it out at our fave gym class, a familiar face makes us feel comfortable and improves our experience.

In the world of recruitment, candidates and consultants who take time to build a relationship that stretches beyond the whole ‘need job, find job’ setup will have an all-round better experience. And it’ll increase the likelihood of a perfect placement.

First step: build trust

All decent relationships are built on trust. That’s a given. But trust is something of a touchy subject in the world of recruitment.

We know consultants have a bit of a shi*ty reputation (something we actively challenge at Revoco). But candidates aren’t perfect, either – some lie about skills and experience or withhold information (like having multiple opportunities in the pipeline).

Both parties must commit to being 100% honest for it to work. Recruiters have a duty to support candidates, make sure opportunities are a suitable match, give feedback pronto and be punctual in their daily responsibilities. In return, candidates should be truthful about their position and keep their consultant updated (i.e., calling after an interview).

Candidates need to be honest on paper, too. We don’t want candidates to brag they know everything about a subject or have certain skills when they don’t. Humbleness is a fine quality; if a candidate accepts they don’t know everything, but expresses a willingness to learn, this can really work in their favour.

It takes two (to make a thing go right)

With trust and transparency in the bag, consultants and candidates can build a relationship that moves past the transactional. The more we know our candidates personally, and the more we understand their needs and quirks, the better we are at matching them with a role and company they’ll thrive in.

Candidates shouldn’t be afraid to let their guard down. We always like to meet them face to face – whether it’s over beer, coffee or other beverage – to unearth the real them, not the CV version of them. Some of our consultants also meet candidates before interviews, as seeing a friendly face can help them relax and go into the room feeling pumped and positive.

Our dream scenario? We form a great relationship with a candidate, coach them through the job hunting process, and land them a role they are genuinely buzzing about. And, if in a few years’ time they’re ready to take their next career step, they reach out to the consultant who bagged them their current job.

In fact, we’ve had a number of candidates return to us to help them find their next opportunities. That’s a sure sign we’re doing something right.

Candidates… reach out

If you’re looking for your next role, we’re not saying that you need to invite us to family christenings or have us over for Sunday lunch on the reg. The relationship is still very much professional. But it would benefit all parties involved if you saw us not just as people out to make commission, but as consultants supporting your career goals and working with your best interests at heart.

There really couldn’t be a better time to get working on relationship-building with your consultant. That way, when the market opens a bit more, you’ll be ready to attack it with full force. If you’re looking for your next opportunity? Let’s talk!

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