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Iain Brook

Top 5 reasons why you should learn Java

Whether you’re a coding newbie or a seasoned software engineer, here’s why you should learn Java!

After celebrating its 27th birthday this year, Java’s far from the ‘new kid on the block’. However, after being first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995, Java has since become an all-powerful force used by billions of people worldwide.

In celebration of these milestones, it seems only fitting that every developer would want to take advantage of such an opportunity to explore this programming language; so without further ado, let me share my 5 main reasons with you why learning Java is something that needs doing sooner rather than later…

1. It’s really popular

Java is still one of the most used programming languages in the world, being used for web, desktop and mobile applications.

Each year, it’s consistently one of the top 5 most popular programming languages.

2. Incredible opportunities

Due to it being so popular (especially with larger companies), there is plenty of job opportunities out there – especially in London.

Average salaries range from £50,000 – £90,000 per year!

3. Easy(ish) learning curve

It’s a relatively easy language to learn for beginners, as well as a solid precursor to other programming languages (C/C#/C++/Python).

It was created with beginners in mind and there are thousands of resources out there to help people learn. (check out some of our top recommendations on where to learn!)

4. An amazing community

You won’t ever need to worry about going it alone. Java has a massive online & IRL community that will be able to help you.

If you’re new to programming, make sure you check out Stack Overflow &!

5. It’s going nowhere!

With how many large businesses use it (not to mention how many operating systems it’s in!), it’s safe to say it’s not going anywhere any time soon…

Currently, it’s used on more than 3 billion devices!


Want to chat about who’s hiring in the world of Java? We’re hiring for numerous roles across London and the South West (UK). Reach out to learn more!


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