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How AI is proving a game-changer in the make-up industry

Businesses are really starting to get to grips with artificial intelligence (AI) now. Make-up brand MAC is the latest to be singing the technology’s praises, reporting a 200% boost in customer engagement with AI- and AR-powered digital tools.

It’s managed to solve the problem of customers not being able to see how a product would work for their skin and desired look. Virtual try-on experiences are the future (and the present, clearly) and MAC seems to have nailed it at the first time of asking.

Partnering with Perfect Corp, it combined AI and AR technologies to deliver “stunningly lifelike results”, Retail Technology reports.

“Our founding mantra at MAC is: All Ages, All Races, All Genders,” explains Sonia Anand, executive director, global digital retail innovator at the brand. “This means we needed AI and AR that could seamlessly adapt to different skin tones and face shapes.”

Not only did it have to be inclusive, but it also had to be straightforward enough for makeup artists to quickly master.

The customer experience has been transformed, with MAC now able to offer a number of virtual “full looks” including bridal, “date night, “Zoom party” (yep, that’s a thing now) and “holiday glam”.

As well as a major uptick in customer engagement, MAC is benefitting from a “strong” conversion rate. Hardly surprising, given that they have managed to remove uncertainty for the customer with them now being able to see exactly how each of our products will look before purchase.

Buoyed by the success of their efforts, MAC is already working with Perfect Corp to develop new tools and capabilities.

They won’t be the only brand ramping up their efforts in the areas of AI and AR. In fact, we know first-hand just how many employers are searching for candidates skilled in those disciplines right now – across retail and beyond.

Interested in what the market is looking like? Drop me a line to learn more about our current AI job opportunities.


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