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3 of the best tech events happening in September

One of the best things about the tech scene is the sense of community. Few industries have as many meet-ups and masterclass events as the tech sector, which serve to bring lots of talented people into the same room to share their knowledge.

If you’re lucky to live in one of the UK tech hubs, you’re spoilt for choice for events to pick from. I thought it would be useful if I rounded up some of the best meetups taking place in London and in our very own Bristol this September.

Intro to open-source Uno Platform (C#/XAML)

When: 23rd September

Where: Virtual event

The first one on my list is actually a virtual event, which makes attendance and stealing all that knowledge possible from the comfort of your favourite armchair.

Hosted by .NET developer and “occasional game designer” David Oliver (Twitter handle @DJODissolute), it introduces the open-source Uno Platform.

According to the event info, Uno Platform makes the complex process of developing cross-platform apps for Windows, iOS, macOS, Android and WebAssembly a doddle. Well, not quite, but it does promise to enable developers to reuse their existing XAML and C# skills to create awesome, UI-rich data-driven applications.

Sign up here: 


London Tech Week

When: 20th – 24th September

Where: ExCeL London

London Tech Week gathers some of the world’s most inspirational founders, leaders, senior investors and rising stars to chew the fat on the growing role of technology in society.

Speakers this year include the former US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Channel 4’s CEO Alex Mahon and Deputy CEO of techUK Antony Walker.

However, there’s a bit of something for everybody, be it to widen your knowledge and skills or improve your understanding of underrepresentation in the tech industry.

My top tip: ClimateTech on 21st September.

Check out all the events here:


Develop a Successful Artificial Intelligence Startup Business

When: 14th September

Where: Virtual Workshop, Bristol

An event for the super-ambitious techies out there who are considering starting their own business in the near future.

Ask any tech prophets right now which type of business that entrepreneurs should invest their time and money in and I’d bet they’d suggest artificial intelligence.

In this workshop, a basic package will get you four sessions, over the course of which you will explore tech startup ideas and begin to flesh them out through R&D and creative strategy.

The cheapest tickets come in at just over £100, with the most expensive tickets (inclusive of 14 sessions) setting you back more than £500. So, it’s not an event you probably want to invest in unless you’re serious about becoming an innovative entrepreneur.

More info here:


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