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Christine Christodoulou

Gen Z: recruiting the next generation

Honing your recruitment strategy to attract the juiciest talent in the millennial demographic might be old news to you by now. But this is no time to sit and rest on your laurels – there’s a new generation in town; one which is set to “swallow the millennials in terms of size”, according to Forbes. As the industry readies itself for Generation Z to flood the workplace in the coming years, you’d better make sure you’re ready to reel them in.

Fortunately, we know a thing or two about hooking top talent; here are a few tips to consider when recruiting the next generation:

Get social

Coming of age in the noughties, Generation Z speak the language of social media even more so than millennials. In fact, if you’re waiting until you start the recruitment process to get social with this demographic, you may well be starting too late. Engage with Generation Z before you start trying to recruit them, and nurture those communities and followers with highly visible, brand-building content that grabs their attention and won’t let go.

Be tech-savvy

If there’s one thing Gen-Zers love, it’s a good bit of tech. They grew up on the stuff, so make sure you demonstrate that you’re equally tech-savvy to boost your appeal.  Ensuring you’re omnipresent across a variety of social channels, conducting face-to-face videos via video link, or providing a sneak peek of your business with live streaming are all tips to paint a picture of a tech-friendly organisation. And if any of your workplace equipment looks like it was brought in some time in the Jurassic period, consider an update sharpish – or your rep might go the way of the dinosaurs.

Be flexible

Generation Z might very well live to work – but they will make that decision, not you. A good work-life balance, achieved with flexible hours and patterns, is a top priority for this demographic. Additionally, fostering an excellent work culture with a collaborative, community-based spirit will make those hours in the office oh-so much more appealing.

Think collaboration

If you want to recruit the top talent, you need to think about how they want to be treated. Generation Z don’t do well with hierarchical ‘my way or the highway’ leadership. Instead, encourage informal, relaxed relationships with staff, based around continuous performance management, clear career paths and a culture where their ideas and opinions are a valuable part of the decision-making process.

Think noble causes

A Marketo infographic revealed that Gen Z strive to make a contribution to society with more than half (60%) wanting their jobs to have a positive effect in the world. Brands that can demonstrate a commitment to a noble cause or take pains to show that their ethical values are in the right place might turn a few more heads than those who keep schtum.

Get mobile

A report by New York ad agency Sparks & Honey found that Generation Z multi-task across five screens including smartphones, laptops and tablets. In short, mobile is a huge part of their lives, so your recruitment strategy had better cater to mobile users or you could be missing out on finding your ideal candidates.

Be direct

Be honest, direct and transparent with Generation Z or risk alienating top candidates at a later date. Consider how well your careers page reflects the culture of your company and develop strategies to humanise your business in order to gain trust and nurture a relationship.

Don’t stop at “You’re hired”

Once you’ve sealed the deal and had an offer accepted, don’t just vanish off their radar in a puff of smoke. Continue to engage and communicate with your new employees to reaffirm they’ve made the right decision and help them feel like part of the team right from the off-set. After all, these could be future advocates for your company – give them something worth talking about.

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