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Christine Christodoulou

(Video) Don’t Fear the F word: Breaking down the mindset of fear with psychologist Sam

Welcome to our next instalment of ‘Don’t Fear the F word’.

Don’t fear the F word sees us welcome a member of the founder’s community each month to talk candidly about the fears, failures and f**k ups they have experienced while taking on the monumental task of growing a start-up.

Consider this a celebration. We believe failure is not something that should be feared by founders, but instead should be something that is welcomed, embraced and learned from. Who better to relay this wisdom than the people who have been there, done it and worn the ‘I f**ked up’ t-shirt.

Without a doubt, fear of failure can be debilitating for business founders. Sometimes it’s hard for business owners to recognise when fear is creeping in and exactly what to do to manage it.

So, with that being said, we we’re really excited to welcome our most recent guest to the webinar – psychologist Sam Griesel.

The session with Sam saw us delving into the mindset of failure and imposter syndrome including what drives those feelings of fear and how business founders can control and work past them.

Sam also touched on her own experiences, having gone down the route of starting her own business venture and witnessing first-hand the adverse impacts of fear.

Catch footage from the webinar below…

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