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(Video) Workplace 2.0: (Virtual) On-Boarding
in 2021!

Welcome to Workplace 2.0, our bi-monthly webinar series which sees us dissect the most topical challenges that the future of the workplace is facing. Be that the knock-on impacts felt by the workforce as a result of the global pandemic or discussing highly relevant issues such as employee engagement, wellbeing and diversity and inclusion.

We’re all navigating ourselves and our businesses through the new normal, right? Workplace 2.0 is all about knowledge sharing, learning from those who have been there and done it and share their expertise. Workplace 2.0 aims to support our attendees in the way of advice that they can take away and apply to aspects of their own business.

Our most recent session saw us discuss Virtual onboarding with our friends Charlotte Richmond ( Talent Manager at Aiimi) and Chris Newton (VP of Engineering at Immersive Labs).

Aiimi is a tech company specialising in Data and Information, they use the latest AI and data science to manage information and create insights for businesses such as Jaguar Land Rover, Anglian Water, Rolls-Royce, Northumbrian Water and Liberty to name a few. Aiimi have successfully onboarded 40 people over the last 12 months. Charlotte will be talked us through their method and how it’s worked so well for them.

Chris shared his experience as a candidate, having had an excellent virtual onboarding experience when joining Immersive Labs last year. Immersive Labs are pioneers in the cybersecurity space,  empowering their clients to increase, measure and demonstrate human capabilities in cybersecurity.

Together we tackled these questions:

How do you successfully integrate new hires into the business when operating remotely?

How do you translate the culture effectively to new hires?

What are companies getting wrong when it comes to remote onboarding?

What are the fundamentals in nailing your remote onboarding strategy?

plus so much more.

Catch the full footage from the session here…

Watch footage from our previous webinars below…


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