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Showcasing Company Culture and D&I During Remote Interviews

Showcasing the amazing work your company’s doing whilst across a video call is no easy task. In fact, it’s one of the biggest challenges companies face when building remote teams.

And while remote interviews offer greater convenience and flexibility to their in-person counterpart, they also present a unique challenge: how to effectively showcase your company culture and commitment to diversity and inclusion (D&I).

Whilst a lot of the noise around remote work has died down, one thing we’ve noticed is how many companies have barely changed up their recruitment process now they’re hiring people remotely.

However, securing top tech talent often hinges on your company’s culture, mission, and approach to diversity. So, being able to show it off is key.

To help you navigate this evolving landscape, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide with the best tips for showcasing your company effectively during remote interviews.

Enhance your online presence & employer value proposition (EVP)

Candidates are likely to conduct online research about your company before the interview even begins. It’s crucial to ensure that your company’s website and social media profiles accurately reflect your culture and commitment to diversity and inclusion (D&I).

A great way to achieve this is by making sure you’re consistently sharing stories, photos, and videos that showcase your various teams, employee experiences, and company values. This not only sets the stage but also helps candidates feel more connected to your organisation from the get-go.

And with 85% of people saying video connects them to a brand better, incorporating authentic and up-to-date videos can significantly enhance the candidate journey. Consider creating videos that provide insights into your team culture and values, or even a simple ‘meet the team’ introduction.

If you’re looking to learn more about EVP, check out our webinar on how you can showcase your EVP and stand out from the crowd.

Emphasise your company values and mission

With more and more employees looking for a value-driven business that gives them a sense of purpose, it’s never been more important to showcase this.

During the interview, make sure to take the time to bring to life your company’s values and mission. And more importantly, explain how they guide decision-making and shape the company culture.

Showcase employees

Instead of just talking about your culture, let candidates see it for themselves.

Invite current employees to participate in the interview process. Their perspectives can provide invaluable insights into your company culture.

Hearing directly from team members can humanise your company and provide candidates with a genuine view of your workplace.

Set this up as a casual meet the team rather than as another interview. It’ll let everyone relax and focus on getting to know the team and company better.

You could even look at leveraging the Metaverse in your hiring process to do this!

Address D&I during the interview

Don’t wait for it to be brought up – be proactive. Bring up D&I and craft interview questions that directly touch upon diversity and inclusion.

Be specific about the steps you’ve taken to promote D&I within the organisation. Share success stories, initiatives, and programs that demonstrate your commitment to creating an inclusive workplace.

And when it comes to questions, consider asking candidates about how they’ve contributed to creating an inclusive team environment in their previous roles, or how they’ve worked with diverse teams to solve complex problems.

Create an open dialogue and encourage candidates to share their thoughts and experiences. This is a great way to assess how well they align with your company’s values.

Gathering candidate feedback

Just like in every aspect of your talent acquisition process, it’s important to keep an open door for improvements.

At the end of the interview, don’t hesitate to ask candidates about their thoughts on your company’s culture and diversity and inclusion (D&I) efforts.

Encourage them to share any concerns or suggestions they might have. You can easily do this with a follow-up survey, and many Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can help you automate it.

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