Written by:
Christine Christodoulou

The impact of AI and ML on tech trends and the knock-on effect for workforces

We’ve all read those sensationalist headlines about artificial intelligence (AI) leaving many of us destitute, having robbed us of our jobs and purpose in life. It’s not a completely irrational concern, of course, with business leaders predicting that as many as four million jobs in the British private sector could be replaced by robots within ten years . But there’s a good deal more nuance to the debate than simply suggesting that robots will render us all pointless in the work arena.

To bring some perspective to the discussion, we reached out to several clients who have experience with AI and machine learning (ML). We asked them for their observations on the impact AI and ML is currently having in the tech industry and what this means for workforces. We also sought their opinions on how the technologies will exert their influence in the near future.

In the second half of the paper, we look at some real-world examples of how AI and ML are being used to deliver benefits that wouldn’t be possible without the technology.

Please note: no jobs were harmed in the making of this paper.

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