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Harry Butcher

A complete employee onboarding checklist (free download)

Start on the right note and improve the employee experience by following our essential employee onboarding checklist.

Imagine navigating the London underground without Harry Beck’s classic tube map to help. A simple trip from Paddington to Covent Garden could leave you stranded in Elephant & Castle.

In the world of employment, the same principle applies. It only takes a poor onboarding process to push new, in-demand tech professionals back to the job sites again.

To make the perfect first impression and enhance the employee experience, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your new employees to understand what they need to know.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a valuable employee onboarding checklist for you to swipe and deploy. And it’s free to download!

Whether you’re looking to improve your current onboarding process or create a brand new one, our checklist will ensure you’re doing it right and including the correct information.

What is an employee onboarding checklist?

An employee onboarding process is a standardised introduction to a new employee’s role within a company.

This process includes introducing them to the workplace culture, familiarising them with the work processes and technology, and meeting the team.

It’s designed to set new employees up, to help them understand their role and reach their maximum performance potential as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The process starts when you begin hiring and ends when your employee is comfortable and settled into their new role. Having an employee onboarding checklist will help you keep on track.


Why an employee onboarding checklist is useful?

The need for an employee onboarding checklist comes down to retention rates. In fact, implementing a standard onboarding process experience increases new hire retention by 50%.

If you have an unfinished and undefined process, you might start seeing new employees leave before they’ve even really started.

Research by Gallup found only 1 in 10 employees strongly believe they had a great onboarding experience at their organisation.

And data from Digitdate suggests employees are two times more likely to search for a new job shortly after joining if they didn’t have a positive new-hire experience.

Unfortunately, many organisations or HR departments forget that onboarding isn’t just about handing over a laptop and giving them help for 30 days. It can be a year-long process that needs to be structured, simple and well-thought-out.

You want your onboarding process to be fulfilling and exciting whilst making them feel comfortable and confident at the same time. A good onboarding process can make life easier for you and your new employee.


To learn more about employee onboarding or for any questions about this guide, just drop us a line.


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