uk tech vs coronavirus

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Iain Brook

UK Tech Vs Coronavirus

Healthtech is paving the way when it comes to tackling the coronavirus crisis, from breakthroughs in testing to equipping and protecting our frontline workers.

Advancements in all areas of tech have been key!

We’re going to be celebrating just some of the UK tech businesses who are continually adapting, developing and supporting us through this time.

Check them out below and share your support!


Push Doctor


Push Doctor has revolutionised the way in which we are able to access GP services.

Established in 2013, Push Doctor is an online on-demand service that connects NHS GPs with patients. It allows GPs to work remotely but also allows patients to get medical advice and treatment on their own terms without having to leave the comfort of their own home. We love it!

How are they helping to tackle Coronavirus?
Push Doctor is working with the NHS to provide much needed relief to GP practices due to increased demand for health services during the Coronavirus. Push Doctor allows patients to connect with their doctors without risking being exposed to the virus by travelling to a practice.




Established in 2004, Warrington based Alphabiolabs embrace cutting edge technology that helps develop game changing DNA, drug and alcohol testing and health testing.

How are they helping to tackle Coronavirus?

In light of COVID-19, Alphabiolabs adapted their services and have been a key support system when it comes to Corona Virus testing. The team have developed a testing kit that helps identify Covid-19 before symptoms occur. Results are available in just 15 minutes – slowing down delays in testing massively. Their efforts will be key in further testing research and limiting the spread of the virus. Go on Alphabiolabs!


Sensyne Health


Helping us manage and monitor signs and symptoms during the pandemic!

Oxford based Sensyne Health is a health care technology company that creates value from accelerating the discovery and developments of new medicines and providing patient care through the analysis of real-world evidence from large databases of anonymised patient data in collaboration with NHS trusts.

How are they helping to tackle Coronavirus?

Sensyne has also adapted its services to provide relief during the current global pandemic. The Sensyne Health team have developed a free, easy to use web based application that provides a secure way for individuals (sick or well) to record health.




Based in London and founded in 2017. Geomiq are a team of engineers that are revolutionising the manufacturing industry through technology.

How are they helping to tackle Coronavirus?

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis Geomiq turned their entire focus to tackling the virus and helping to equip the frontline workers. They’ve also teamed together with Bosch to replicate, and 3D print, the outer shell for vital ventilators. Geomiq, we salute you!




Bedford based Mologic are a leading developer of rapid diagnostic tech, products and clinicians to help deliver fast, reliable and accurate diagnosis at point of care.

How are they helping to tackle Coronavirus?

Mologic developed a rapid testing kit for Ebola and were granted around £1 million from the UK government to provide rapid diagnostic equipment for COVID-19. Mologic announced in early May that they had joined forces with BioSure (leading experts in self-testing) to produce a COVID-19 antibody self-test. Go on Mologic!


(For more information on how tech is helping fight Coronavirus, check out this article from Tech Nation.)


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