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Getting into tech recruitment (with Matt Davies)

Whether you’re an experienced recruiter, making the jump into tech recruitment can be daunting!

We sat down with our Principal Consultant, Matt Davies, who recently made the move into tech recruitment (after working for 8 years in the construction recruitment industry!).

Here’s how he’s found the move:


An introduction to Matt and how he got into tech recruitment

“Hi, I’m Matt Davies. I work at Revoco and specialise in product management.

I’ve basically been in the world of recruitment for the last six or seven years and it’s been mainly around construction. My Dad’s a QS and that was the sort of entry why I did it.

Coming up around a year or so, a year and a half ago, I really wanted to get into the world of technology and Revoco came up and it just seemed like the right move to do.”

Why did you want to get into tech recruitment?

“So, there are three main reasons I moved into tech recruitment.

Number one is myself and a new challenge. It was going into a new market, opening and exploring new relationships in a new sector, and learning. I really love learning.

Number two would be innovation, really. I think [construction] recruitment, as great as the construction industry is, I don’t know if it’s quite ready for innovative more modern methods of recruitment. And I feel like the tech industry could really help me with my own goals, achieve what I’m looking to do and let me be me really

And then thirdly, it’d be purely for financials. So, the fees are better. There are a lot more jobs on the market right now. So in terms of commission and monetary, in your own back pocket, I feel like I could achieve that better in a tech market.”

How have you found the change?

“So, I’ve found it extremely interesting. It’s been like a whirlwind – a bit like the English weather outside! And I’ve absolutely loved it.

There have been some sticking points, but I think the fact that we’ve got such a good team here at Revoco and experts that have been in the tech and this market for such a long period of time, they’ve really helped me through those sticking points.”

What are your 3 top tips for someone who wants to move into tech recruitment?

“My top three tips if you’re looking to enter the tech recruitment sector.

Number one would just be yourself – as simple as that. Just own it. Whatever works. There are so many different styles here (Revoco) and they all work.

Number two would be business development. Staying creative. Look at your end users and get better at business development. You’ll smash through it and they will really appreciate it.

And then finally, it’s just like immersing yourself in the right culture. So, be selective with your recruitment company to make sure you’re around like-minded individuals that will back you in hard times. So, you can push through.”

Interested in getting into tech recruitment?

Interested in following Matt’s footsteps and making the move into tech recruitment? We’re hiring!


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