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Tech recruitment in numbers: What candidates really want from an employer

Stop the guesswork. Discover what tech candidates want from employers with these nine eye-opening recruitment statistics.

At Revoco, we’ve noticed the switch in employee-employer relations in recent years, especially in the tech industry.

Fuelled by “The Great Resignation” in early 2021 and the rise of “quiet quitting” in 2022, tech candidates hold all the cards.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. As an employer, it’s a matter of listening to what really matters and adapting processes.

The perfect starting point? This blog, of course. Read on to discover nine compelling statistics that’ll help you understand what candidates want in 2022.

What candidates want in 2022: 9 UK recruitment statistics

From wellbeing policies to work-life balance and flexible working arrangements, multiple factors now influence where candidates wish to work.

For your tech company to appeal to the ideal applicants, you must showcase your business by prioritising the following incentives and values:

1) Despite 89% of employers believing their employees leave for money, only 12% do

Beyond basic bill paying, putting by some savings, and affording the occasional holiday, money has dropped down the list of employee priorities.

Since “quiet-quitting” has caused a stir, “acting your wage” is the latest feature focusing on the relationship between salary and work ethic.

As these cultural movements develop within the workplace, it only supports the view that “to go above and beyond” in a job, employers must pay a wage that matches effort and skillset or risk losing that team member.

2) Over 2/3 prioritise work-life balance over salary and employee benefits

UK employees are beginning to realise “life is too short”, especially in their work-life situation. In other words, potential tech candidates will choose an employer that can offer a positive balance between work and home.

The perfect response is to introduce a few factors into the work-life balance mix, including:

  • Flexible working
  • Alternative working days
  • Healthy Incentives
  • Encourage holidays
  • Provide regular breaks

As an overarching concept, promoting an attractive work-life balance culture within your company will not only appeal to valuable applicants but improve staff retention, increase productivity, and enhance your brand’s reputation. It’s powerful stuff.

3) 78% of candidates will investigate an employer’s reputation before applying

According to experts, employer branding is becoming the new measure for whether an employee will enjoy their experience working for a company.

Brand identity can make or break your recruitment process alongside retaining your best talent. So, it’s no surprise that improving employee experience sits as the top priority for employers in 2022.

4) 89% of UK working adults prioritise their health over their careers

Employee wellbeing is now a top agenda for future candidates, especially Gen Z. In a 2022 survey, 23% of employees achieved a healthier lifestyle through an improved work-life balance.

Wellbeing incentives can include wellness days, cycle-to-work schemes and healthy food options in your canteens, to focusing on mental health issues with resources and expert advice.

5) 80% want a flexible working arrangement, and 47% would consider quitting without it

Another lesson the 2020-2021 pandemic taught the working world was not only flexible working is possible but beneficial. While some of us like to go into the office, it can be a real bonus for others to work from home or have a hybrid arrangement.

Whether it’s a busy parent juggling school pick-up times or just someone who works best in their own space, flexible working should be offered and is now expected from employers.

6) 53% of Gen Z want meaningful work

Another key to obtaining top tech candidates, especially the new emerging generations, is ensuring what they’re doing matters.

When dedicating 35-40 hours a week to a job, it helps to know what’s being done bears some sense of meaning. You can align meaningful work with your business mission, vision, and values.

7) 55% of UK employers offer career development tools, but less than half of employees use them

A lack of career progression is a major cause for UK employees feeling unhappy at work, with 73% believing their employers carry no responsibility for their career development.

As an employer, it should be your priority to offer a clear career plan for your candidate in preparation for their enrolment.

Professionals wish to feel recognised for their work and rewarded for their efforts. There’s no better way to retain your tech candidates than to recognise their abilities and form a pathway for further development.

8) 51% of employees state job security as a vital consideration

Despite thousands of people leaving their jobs during the great resignation, job security is still crucial in attracting and retaining quality tech candidates.

In times of financial crisis and geo-political instability, job security provides a sense of comfort and career progression while encouraging loyalty from your staff.

9) 53% of employees distrust their senior management

One feature high-performing teams share in common is psychological safety. Psychological safety relies on each team member trusting each other to make decisions, communicate effectively, and be supported to perform their best, regardless of rank or hierarchy.

Candidates seek a place of employment where they are respected, recognised, and ultimately trusted to deliver their best. Do you have this in your tech business?

Need a hand hiring the best tech candidates?

At Revoco, we understand talent acquisition is no picnic. With ever-evolving demands and extreme competition, attracting the crème de la crème of tech candidates can chew into valuable time and resources.

The good news is that we’re here to help. From the most niche skillset to project managing entire teams, our variety of services and bespoke tools can help you find the ideal person in no time at all.

Get in touch to find out more.


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