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If you’re more about “fees” than you are “customer satisfaction”, or more about “just making the deal happen” than “solving your client’s problem” then Revoco is not for you.

Transparency and integrity are at the centre of everything we do.

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In my experience, most recruiters talk a good fight when it comes to customer service, but when push comes to shove, if the consultant is getting pressure from their manager to fulfill a particular KPI, or they need a deal to hit a bonus, those principles go out the window. Here, I’m actively encouraged to put the client’s interests first and I’m actually rewarded for good behavior, not just putting deals on the board.

Josh Abbott

The office is up there as one of the best in Bristol, it’s nicer than my home – fact. Two directors that are always on hand to support with your work when required, but will leave / trust you to manage your desk without KPI’s or micromanagement. All of the above paired with an amazing commission structure makes this the best place I’ve ever worked.

Elliot Bunce

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