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Tim Farmer

Has your boss got your back?

The countdown to the Rugby World Cup final is on, and I can’t bloody wait.

After England’s performance in the semi-final, emotions are running high. I can’t remember the last time I saw a team play as well as England played on Saturday. And now the squad are just 80 minutes short of lifting that all-important trophy. I feel emotional just thinking about it…

It’s fair to say emotions of all sorts are running high. As I sat in the office earlier this month, beer in hand, next to my MD, watching England play the USA, it occurred to me just how lucky I am.

I work for a company that actively encourages its employees to do what we love and love what we do. We can follow our passions and whether that means watching rugby in the office, or giving back to the local community – we do it as a team. In return, we go the extra mile to do a great job.

But back to the rugby and all that emotion…

Just as Eddie Jones was welling up on the eve of England’s first game against Tonga, I feel the same. How many workplaces let staff watch the rugby on a Monday or Thursday afternoon?

I can’t help but wonder why more companies haven’t embraced this year’s Rugby World Cup.

It makes perfect sense. If you really want to watch a match and your boss says no, that’s not going to stop you, right?

A string of external meetings that coincide with all the big games? It could happen… A sudden seven-week illness? Get your GP on side and you’re laughing (fyi, glandular fever is a good option)… An impromptu desk shuffle so your screen is no longer visible to the rest of the office? I’ve heard of stranger things happening in an office…

Of course, it’s far better to have an employer who cuts you some slack and understands what keeps you motivated – both as individuals and as a team. For me, that motivation comes in the form of rugby – I watch it, play it, and right now, won’t shut up about it. Other colleagues have other motivations.

And it’s not just staff who get looked after. Revoco is also fond of taking clients to the rugby (most recently England vs Ireland at Twickenham).

Apparently happy workers are 13% more productive. I’m feeling pretty happy and (whatever the outcome on Saturday) would like to think that’s made me a safe pair of hands in the office.

And if we get enough safe pairs of hands on the pitch, I know England has got what it takes to win.

Are you feeling happy at work?


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