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Iain Blair

The future of recruitment is giving me nightmares

We’ve all seen the video I’m referring to in which Professor Robert Kelly shows himself to be the ultra-professional in the face of complete carnage.

As a man with four children of my own, I have nightmares about a similar thing happening to me during one of my work-from-home days. But, in spite of those fears, I continue to put my faith in video interviewing because it’s the future of recruiting. If I’ve learnt anything from that viral video, it’s don’t do the call if you wouldn’t be happy with your kids’ gatecrashing it – they’re just children, after all.

And you shouldn’t be put off either. Here are four quick reasons why you should work with a recruiter who uses video interviewing as standard.

It’s saves you time and money

Top of any list of advantages for doing something differently: you’ll have more time and more money if you do it.

Straight away it’s easier to identify the most qualified talent, while eliminating the less desirable candidates. Video interviewing is more effective than conducting telephone interviews, say, because you’re learning more about a candidate. Not only how well they meet the skills criteria but also how they might interact and engage with other members of the team – you can see the body language, the passion, the enthusiasm.

You can also connect with interviewees virtually, anywhere, at any time – especially important when you’re recruiting from overseas or encouraging top talent to relocate.

It helps you connect with passive candidates

A video interview is generally a more relaxed affair than a formal, in-office process sat across from the entire hiring team. This makes it a more attractive option for passive candidates who may not be in the market for a position but just might be swayed if the right opportunity came along.

Removing the inconvenience factor of having to take time off work and travel to an interview increases your chances of reaching passive candidates that just might be perfect for you.

Gives you greater access to more talent

The perfect candidate isn’t always on your doorstep unfortunately, especially when you operate in the IT and tech industry, where the war for talent is fierce. You’ve often got to cast your net wider, sometimes even overseas, to find what you’re looking for. Earlier in the year, figures from London & Partners revealed that London is the most attractive location in Europe for tech talent seeking to move for work.

Travelling all that way for a face-to-face interview is going to dissuade some people but  there’s nothing stopping them from doing a video interview. It’s a chance for them to impress in a neutral environment, minus any potential jet lag. And it’s also a chance for you to impress them, because let’s face it, technology recruitment at mid to senior level is as much about employers trying to win over candidates as it is the other way round.

Positions you as a forward-thinking business

Speaking of impressing candidates, video interviewing shows that you’re a business that moves with the times. That’s pretty crucial when you’re trying to attract technology candidates, don’t you think?

As far as candidates are concerned, your recruitment process is a reflection of your business. If your hiring process is smooth, easy and efficient, candidates will more likely come out the other side with a positive impression of your company – and hopefully give you a ‘Yes’ should they be offered a job.

Our prediction: It won’t be long before video interviewing becomes part of every employer’s technology recruitment arsenal, for all the reasons we’ve mentioned above.

Why not start enjoying its benefits before that day comes? Your top and bottom line – and your candidates – will thank you for it.


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