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Alex Liggatt

Let me make this perfectly clear…

Most of us will have bombed in a job interview at some point in our lives. I know I have.

But interviews are a two-way street and it’s not just candidates that need to get it spot on. Hiring managers do, too.

I’ve had no end of tech candidates coming to me because they’re frustrated with the hiring process. After experiencing countless interviews that lack structure and information, candidates are looking for something better – and who can blame them?

Not treating potential recruits with the respect they deserve makes no sense at all. In today’s job market, the power lies firmly in the hands of the candidates. Recruiters need to do everything they can to attract, recruit and retain the best tech talent. So how do they do that?

First up, they need more transparency.

Job candidates want to know what to expect. It’s not much to ask, is it? They want to know what the role will involve and the different stages of the hiring process.

This was highlighted in the recent HackerRank’s 2019 Dev Skills Report. It found that a lack of clarity in a role is the biggest turn off for software developers.

68% of the 71,000+ software developers questioned said they were unimpressed by employers who don’t give enough information about a role.

It’s a fair point. You wouldn’t go to the cinema without knowing what film was showing. Just as you wouldn’t decide to marry someone based on one (slightly awkward) date.

Staying with the ‘recruitment is a bit like dating’ tip… both experiences have the potential to change lives. However, nerves, those crucial first impressions, mixed messages and crushing disappointment often reign supreme.

And once the damage is done, it’s not long before that terrible dating/hiring experience is shared.

The HackerRank report is designed to help hiring managers better understand the developers they are trying to attract. It means they can get into the minds of developers and see what makes them tick.

According to the report, other deal-breakers in the recruiting process are conflicting values (49%) and not enough diversity on the hiring panel (14%).

Lots has been written about the ‘broken’ traditional recruitment process. From strict ‘skills required’ lists in job adverts to treating salary like something an applicant must earn the right to discuss, there’s lots in recruitment that needs fixing. However, the more clarity and transparency can be included to the application process, the better.

Clarity stops chaos because roles and responsibilities are clear. It creates accountability because expectations are spelled out. And it gives everyone the full picture because goals and objectives are transparent.

With more job roles than talent, candidates are in the driving seat. Let’s hope companies can increase clarity in their hiring so more candidates start swiping right.


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