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Christine Christodoulou

Revoco Talks…start-up funding with Playfair Capital’s Henrik Wetter Sanchez

We recently caught up with Henrik Wetter Sanchez of Playfair Capital for Revoco Talks. 

Playfair invests in entrepreneurs who build technology companies that re-think the way we all live and work.

Playfair Capital have backed over 60 founding teams including the likes of Trouva, Festicket and more. (Click here.)

In the clips below, Henrik tells us more about his career path so far and his role as VC Investor. He also shares super valuable advice and tips on what VCs look for in founders, including avoiding common mistakes and the barriers often facing start-ups at pitch phase.

Henrik also shares more details on how Playfair Capital is striving for more inclusion in the start-up funding process.

This is a must see for any start-up founder looking for investment this year.

Watch below…







Click here to find out more about Playfair’s Female Office Hours.


Click here to check out Playfair’s start-up portfolio so far.


If you’re a founder looking for more guidance on the funding process, Playfair’s website offers a plethora of knowledge that could help you, from podcasts to blogs. Take a look here.

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