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Your Remote Hiring Tool Kit!

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to grip economies across the globe, you would be hard-pressed to find an industry that hasn’t experienced an impact from the fallout, in most cases with huge implications.

We stand with all other businesses when it comes to concerns at this uncertain time. It’s not easy. The majority of our clients understandably are putting hiring projects on hold.

For the few industries that seem to be less affected and continuing their growth it’s been refreshing to see them adopting remote hiring services.

Here at Revoco, we’ve noticed an increase in demand from those organisations for advice on how to switch to a remote hiring process.

For that reason, we want to give you access to our remote hiring tool kit which will help you adapt your hiring strategy, continue to attract the best talent to your organisation, while minimising disruption to your overall business and keeping your hiring OUT of lockdown.

Build your remote hiring strategy

We can help you find the tech that is going to work for you, as well as support you in identifying the stages and relevant tasks that are going to give you enough insight into the candidates in the process. This will enable you to make a confident, informed decision that you’re making the right hire for your business. We’ll take everything into consideration including your employer brand, company culture, and long-term goals.

Here are the digital tools helping our clients hire remotely, successfully…

Spotlight by Revoco


This is a tool created by us, with you, the hiring manager in mind.

It works by one of our expert consultants pre-screening candidates via our video tool – Spotlight. Our consultants send you the recorded Spotlight video which you are able to view alongside the candidate’s CV. (It works on any mobile platform, so is ideal for time-limited manager)

Not only does it enable us to manage the first stage of your recruitment process so you can focus on other projects, but it’s also saving our clients 75% of their time to hire. We’re minimising stress and saving you time by only presenting you with the best candidates.

This could be a worthwhile first stage in your remote hiring process.

Microsoft Teams


MS teams are a great way to conduct interviews involving multiple members of the team remotely.

The service is easy to run and allows interviewees to record interviews, so they can review and show to other decision-makers within the business.

MS Teams is brilliant for remote teams in general and offers great functionality that keeps teams communicating and working together even though they’re all out of the office.

Here’s what our Managing Director Iain had to say about how Teams has worked for us at Revoco “Teams has been brilliant for us – we still run our team stand-up every morning to share our objectives for the day to get everyone focussed on what they need to achieve. Due to the lockdown we also meet again at 5 to talk though our successes and wins. Whilst we are not actually together in person, it really is the next best thing and I know will only really help up stay connected through this difficult time. Using the channels to communicate and collaborate on things real time is also a brilliant way to stay productive although I’m going to have to introduce a daily prize for the best “gif”!“

Where technical candidates would normally be required to take part in an online assessment or task, these tools could be beneficial for you…


HackerEarth can help create digital assessments for a wide range of technical roles. Candidates can attempt these tests any time, completely remotely. The tool lets hiring managers customise test parameters, such as difficulty levels, duration, marking schemes, cut-off scores, criteria, and much more.


Codility supports online technical interviews and coding challenges to help recruiters screen prospective programmers. The platform lets you can create tests, evaluate candidates’ code, and is a great candidate engagement tool. The most significant advantage is that tests are delivered and scored automatically so they can be set by non-technical managers for candidates anywhere in the world.


Berke is another fantastic tool. It lets you mix and match tests for various job roles to assess candidates on skills such as personality traits and problem-solving abilities.

Culture driven hiring is something that is increasing in importance for a wide range of organisations. It’s understandable that with remote hiring processes, managers may have reservations in terms of whether they are hiring ‘the right’ person who is going to integrate and complement their team’s current dynamic. The tools below can help managers with this…


ThriveMap offers two services – role fit assessments and organizational fit assessments. These assessments assess candidates as per the job role within a specific business or in the context of what they mean to an organization. These assessments provide insights for hiring managers and candidates alike as to whether they would be a good fit for the organisation in question.


If you’re more of a data-driven person and prefer decisions based on stats and analytics, this is a great tool for you. Saberr uses Artificial Intelligence to predict how well a candidate will fit into an organization, a role, and a team.

Culture driven hiring tip

When it comes to remote hiring we find from a culture perspective it works really well to have one stage dedicated to just finding out about the individual on a personal level, this stage is enhanced if the interviewee is able to also be introduced to other members of the team.

If you would like some advice on embracing a remote hiring process, we’d love to be able to help you.

Get in touch here.


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