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It’s a service which is often over complicated with jargon, but in reality, it’s just an end to end outsourced solution that helps you navigate the minefield of Talent Acquisition. We’ve broken it down into 4 simple stages that will give you a competitive edge…


We start with a complete health check to evaluate your current tools, data and spend. There may be some obvious quick fixes or a broader long-term strategy.

Processes and Systems

We can analyse your current processes, iron out the bottlenecks, and improve your core metrics. Or we can advise on tech platforms and ensure you select fit for purpose tools.

Sourcing and social

Short and long-term models are available along with full outsourced options. Whichever option is best for you – we’ll help you build your talent pool and deliver the people your business needs.

EVP & Branding

80% of business leaders are in agreement that employer brand has a significant impact on their ability to hire great staff. We can help you establish your EVP and then communicate it effectively.

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To find out more about our RPO or MSP offerings get in touch directly with our Chief Page Turner, Iain Blair


Do you want full visibility of your contractor workforce from a cost and compliance perspective?

Is control of your workforce plans and confidence that you’re getting good value important to you?

Would you like to save at least 10% of your total spend?

Our MSP (Managed Service Programme) offering is a tried and tested model that our team have been running successfully for over 15 years across multiple businesses and sectors.

Don't take our word for it

Learn how Revoco has supported River Island tech through a digital transformation like no other with our RPO & MSP service offering.

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