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Recruitment on Demand

You’ve had it before. An on-demand, role by role recruitment service. But not the way we do it.

We’ve learned a few things over the years about talent in the tech market, and we’ve also seen some behaviour from the recruitment sector that quite frankly deserved a spell on the naughty step!

Driving good behaviour from our consultants means rewarding them for client and candidate satisfaction, not the number of calls they make, CVs they send out, or

even the roles they fill. As a result, we represent your brand impeccably so you can access the very best talent.

From providing video clips of interviews with our Spotlight tool, to valuable insight on your candidate’s journey and their perception of your brand with our Hindsight tool, we don’t just talk about change.

Find out more about the tools we use and how they’re enhancing our clients hiring strategy

Don't take our word for it

Hear how Revoco supported Arenko, a market-leading green energy software platform, through their exciting scale-up phase, helping them with both their permanent and temporary hiring.

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