Revoco's Corporate
Social Responsibility

Revoco was set up with one main purpose. To help our clients acquire better and more diverse tech talent whilst giving back to our community.

So, how do we help our clients acquire diverse talent? And what are we doing to give back to the community?

We believe we can make the most difference by focusing our corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities on 4 core areas:

  • Promoting workplace diversity & inclusion
  • Charitable support
  • Supporting our local community
  • Mental health

Promoting workplace diversity & inclusion

Supporting clients in hiring a diverse workforce

Using our Workplace 2.0 webinar series to educate clients on crucial elements of the workplace. These include topics such as diversity, equity & inclusion, real workplace flexibility, and many more.

We are Tech Talent Charter Signatories

The Tech Talent Charter (TTC) is a non-profit organisation leading a movement to address inequality in the UK tech sector and drive inclusion and diversity in a practical and uniquely measurable way.

TechTalent Charter logo

The Diversity Commitment is a promise to take measurable steps to improve recruitment diversity within our own company and across our clients.

It addresses the key areas that will make recruitment diversity a reality:

  • Internal Recruitment: recruiting fairly from as wide a base as possible
  • External Recruitment: encouraging applications from as diverse a base as possible
  • Encouraging clients to recruit in a fair and diverse manner
  • Encouraging diversity at senior decision-making levels

Charitable support

At Revoco, we want to support charities that are both local and close to our hearts.

Our chosen charity is Aching Arms, which supports bereaved parents when they’ve experienced the heartbreak of losing a baby, during pregnancy, at birth or soon after. They offer a beautiful comfort bear to fill the parents’ arms and a community to support them as they grieve. For each placement Revoco makes, we donate a bear to Aching Arms to help support parents through an incredibly difficult time.


Additionally, each quarter we get together as a team and complete a challenge all in the name of charity. Whether it’s completing Tough Mudder, growing a tash, or dusting off the footy boots to play in a 5-a-side tournament!

A number of our chosen charities include:



Supporting our local community

Throughout the year, the Revoco team get to support those around us – whether that’s offering their time, skills or resources. A number of the local charities and community initiatives we’ve supported in the past include:

Brunelcare, a local charity that supports older people in the South West to make the most of life by providing housing, care, support and helping develop ways for them to stay as independent as possible.

Brunelcare is highly dependent on volunteers to provide services and so our team have committed to spend time supporting them in the day centres and running day trips for the service users. Our team interact with the older people in group settings and help the limited staff with activities such as quizzes, excursions and just chatting to the service users and offering companionship. It is a hugely rewarding activity for all concerned.

Each Christmas, the team also gather food to donate to the North Bristol foodbank to help those in need during the festive period. North Bristol Foodbank provide nutritional and balanced food and support to people in need within the local community. They’re a part of a nationwide network of food banks, supported by The Trussell Trust, working to combat poverty and hunger across the UK.

With COVID forcing many children online for both learning and social interaction, it became hugely apparent of the digital divide. This is where DigiLocal comes in. They’re an award-winning Bristol-based charity giving under-represented young people the opportunity to discover and develop their digital talents. So, when we have any laptops that aren’t fit for our needs, we donate them to DigiLocal who get them back to their former glory and donate them to vulnerable families.

Most recently, some of the team have been supporting Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary – a local independent charity that rescues and rehomes unwanted, abandoned and often mistreated cats and dogs. Our work here covers a host of different tasks including cleaning out the kennels, doing the weeding and getting to spend time with some of the amazing animals they help!

8 members of the revoco team standing in a triangle shape. Picture is of the team volunteering at Holly Hedge animal sanctuary. All of the team are holding tools, some of who are holding them in the air.

Mental Health

Revoco is passionate about raising awareness around mental health and has engaged with Bristol Mind to run educational and awareness workshops for the company as well as signing The Awareness to Action Pledge for Mental Health in Recruitment.

We also have two trained mental health first aiders within the business (Sian, Josh and Hannah) who are on hand to support members of the Revoco team, as well as to run frequent workshops.