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Lily Francis

Recruitment Engagement Lead -

Born in Bristol, Lily grew up in Portishead, a beautiful marine town just outside of Bristol. Being an only child, she developed a very close relationship with her Mum, a self-employed artist & interior designer and her Dad, a Senior Police Officer (now joint B&B owners!)

Deciding to carve her own career path though, rather than following in the footsteps of her parents, she found a love for social sciences during her GCSEs and A-levels and went on to pursue a Sociology Degree at the University of Exeter. During her time at University, Lily became heavily involved in the Sociology and Anthropology Society, eventually becoming the President in her final year which proved a tricky balancing act alongside a dissertation and final year exams. Clearly not that difficult for this bright spark as she graduating with a First-class degree. Yes a First!

After Lily realised she had absolutely no idea what she wanted to do with her life and knew her love of singing and acting was unlikely to provide actual career prospects, she engaged with a recruitment agency to find a graduate-level role. She was recommended to give recruitment a go and 4 years later here she is. Senior Delivery Consultant.

When she's not engaging with candidates, Lily loves to don an apron and whip up some tasty baked goods (cupcakes are a particular favourite!) She also found a new love for fitness a few years ago and regularly visits the gym before work practising her deadlifts and perfecting her squat game.

Lily works alongside Josh specialising in tech transformation. She's always looking forward to speaking to excellent project managers, business analysts and any other associated project professional!

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“Lily is extremely professional. Her advice and guidance clear, concise and comprehensive. Lily has the ability to maintain contact without being intrusive, a welcome characteristic!”

Anna Byers,
Former Client

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