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Ollie Izzo

Practice Lead -
Contracts team

Born and bred in Bristol, Ollie's no stranger to being told he sounds like a farmer! Being the oldest of four siblings in the bustling Izzo household, peace and quiet were rare commodities, especially with three dogs in the mix. Despite his Bristolian roots, he proudly embraces his Maltese heritage, a fact he's quick to share with anyone he meets.

His journey took an unconventional turn when he left school at the tender age of 16. He dove headfirst into the world of recruitment, realising that a people-focused career was his true calling - and he has cherished it ever since. Along the way, he also earned a technical business diploma, but his passion for recruitment remained unwavering.

In his spare time, Ollie's hobbies definitely reflect his dynamic personality. He can often be found at the gym, engaged in Jiu-Jitsu, or exploring Bristol's diverse culinary scene. And if that weren't enough to keep him busy, he's currently pouring his energy into building a cafe racer whenever he manages to snag some free time.

Now, Ollie has embarked on a new adventure as he joins Revoco to lead our Contracts team, where he's helping our clients hire the best contract software engineers around. If you'd like to connect with Oliver, why not drop him a message?

Photo of Ollie at the beach
Photo of Ollie wearing a 3-piece suit at an event.

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