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Alex Rutter

Principal Consultant -
Data Engineering (AWS)

It all started when Alex was born. Shortly after, his family moved from the coast back home to the best city in the UK (maybe even the world?) …Bristol!

In his early years, Alex spent most of his time outdoors, playing rugby, getting up to mischief with his friends, and eating.

Alex didn’t fly too far from the nest for education, studying Business at the University of Bath. Here he discovered his love for learning and understanding the whys of human behaviour. A wise man once said when you stop learning, you start dying. Or something like that!

After university, Alex's fascination with Behavioural Psychology and Economics grew, especially the works of Tversky, Kahneman, Ariely, and Gladwell on decision-making 🧠. This is why he loves working with Data Engineers & Scientists, who are given the credit they deserve for the tremendous impact they can have on a business’s decision-making.

After travelling around the world, Alex fully kickstarted his career in the recruitment world with the exciting rise of Data Science and Data Engineering aligning closely with his passion for the whys. Over the years this passion grew, resulting in him specialising in Data Recruitment at Revoco.

Outside of work, Alex enjoys: health & fitness (gym, swimming, and hiking), music & singing (listening and trying to play the guitar), and most importantly of all, living to eat (if you haven’t heard, he loves food!)

Whether you're a Data Engineer looking for their dream job or you're a company offering that dream job, Alex is your man to speak to!

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