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Harry Butcher

Marketing Manager -
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As the youngest in the family, Harry grew up in the beautiful but quiet seaside town of Lymington, where he spent a lot of his time on the water sailing, playing rugby and latterly producing and playing music. After studying Graphic Design, Music and Business & Economics at college, he spent 3 years as a chef but realised his true passion was still in music and not in the kitchen. In 2016 he packed his bags and moved to Bristol to follow his dreams.

After quickly realising he wasn’t going to be the next Sub Focus, he joined Prysm Group to be part of the in-house recruitment team. He spent the next two years scaling the team across multiple new locations before joining Alinea where he specialised in building data science teams for some of London’s most innovative start-up & scale-ups.

Harry is still a keen cook and can often be found in the kitchen cooking up a storm. When he’s not helping companies hire great tech talent, he’s learning how to program in Python & JavaScript, reading or watching the rugby.

Now part of the Revoco family, Harry’s utilising his previous recruitment experience to help elevate and showcase Revoco’s brand to the people we aim to help.

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Harry is an extremely capable individual, who boasts a very transferable skill set that will allow him to apply himself across multiple industries. He is hard-working, naturally inquisitive, has an eye for detail, and perhaps most importantly, a passion for learning that will enable Harry to be a success in whatever he applies himself to. Harry will be an asset to any team he joins.


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