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Alex Liggatt

Principal Consultant -

Raised in a small Devonian town (Totnes) where the world of commerce is generally frowned upon, Alex wanted to break free at the earliest opportunity and start making some serious money. So, naturally, he jumped into the world of Chinese food delivery! It turned out, that the money wasn’t as good as the food and he knew he could do better, so armed with his final bag of chicken balls, he made his break for the city.

Alex threw himself into the world of sales in the most hard core way possible; selling b2b insurance door to door. It was a steep learning curve for Alex, listening and handling objections and ultimately understanding people's very different needs and finding them solutions. Although tough at times, Alex never gave up and stayed motivated, no matter the hurdles he was up against. He once walked along the motorway at the end of a hard day (whilst it was at a standstill obs!) and found a self-employed carpenter in his van who let him jump in (must've been the suit) and sell him his wares. Deal done!

In search of a more “sophisticated” sales role, Alex moved into recruitment in 2013, joining Spring Technology. Alex was instrumental in developing the NHS sector for Spring, bringing on-board around 30 clients and helping the NHS to digitalise and transform. Alex quickly gained a reputation for efficient, ethical delivery of ERP contract consultants.

Having worked with Charley before at Spring, Alex was keen to join the data team at Revoco and to help them “turn the page” in this next chapter of their story.

When he's not working his proverbials off, you can find Alex on his bike around the city or playing squash with his twin. (Apparently, it's like having blurred vision if you're a spectator!)

Alex brings his extensive experience to the Revoco Data team. Get in touch with Alex if you're a Data professional looking for your next move or you're looking to expand and develop your Data team!


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Alex was really first-class, in contrast to many recruitment agents who take little or no genuine interest, but worst of all never communicate or provide feedback or never do what they say. Alex did faultlessly

Andrew Woodgate
Data Quality Manager

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