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What we do?

From sourcing one-off candidates with niche skills, to project managing the recruitment of entire teams, we offer a variety of services to clients who want to lock down the very best talent in tech.

But we don’t stop there. We understand that many clients want to do more themselves and just need a guiding hand to help them improve their recruitment strategy. That’s why our solutions also include advising on Employer Brand and Employer Value Proposition (EVP) development as well as social recruitment strategies; lowering costs and raising quality and control through partial or complete outsourcing if necessary.




We all know how tricky technology recruitment is, whether you’re looking for permanent or contract staff. It’s not quite rocket science, but sometimes it feels like it. We often need to know as much about Ruby on Rails as we do about the recruitment process itself.

Then, there’s the fact that the very best candidates aren’t just sitting around, waiting to be plucked from a job board. The quest for talent means leaving no stone unturned, accessing hidden talent pools and forming relationships with potential candidates, often before they’re even looking to make a move.

This is, of course, why so many clients turn to specialist recruiters to take care of the job. However, it’s no secret that simply filling a role doesn’t always guarantee client satisfaction. In what other industry would you hire a specialist to tackle a task because you needed their expertise, yet still feel like you’ve had a bum deal, once the job is successfully completed? We understand your pain. It’s not just what we do, it’s the way we do it that matters.

Strategic Talent Acquisition

Now that every CEO and business owner has bumped Talent to the top of the agenda, temptation is rife to bring the whole process in-house – after all, it can be hard to hand over the reins to an external recruiter.

However, the minefield of Talent Acquisition can be a devil to navigate with questions blowing up left, right and centre: Why aren’t we doing better talent pipelining? What’s our EVP? Why is our competitor beating us to the best people every time?

This is where we step in. We provide all the ammunition you need to get a competitive edge in the war for talent, guiding you through all aspects of Talent Acquisition and ensuring you only apply those that are truly necessary.

As a result, you stand out, attract, and hire more of the right people at the right cost, increasing engagement and commitment in your workforce.

Our 4 core Strategic Talent Acquisition service lines are below.


We start with a complete health check to evaluate your current tools, data and spend. There may be some obvious quick fixes or a broader long-term strategy.

Processes & Systems

We can analyse your current processes, iron out the bottlenecks, and improve your core metrics. Or we can advise on tech platforms and ensure you select fit for purpose tools.

Sourcing & Social

Short and long-term models are available along with full outsourced options. Whichever option is best for you – we’ll help you build your talent pool and ultimately deliver the people your business needs.

EVP & Branding

80% of business leaders are in agreement that employer brand has a significant impact on their ability to hire great staff. We can help you establish your EVP and then communicate it effectively.


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