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Welcome to the family

We caught up with one of our most recent additions to the Revoco family to find out how his first couple of months have been, and to give you a chance to find out more about him and his background.

Meet Jordan!

Jordan grew up in the quiet village of Rangeworthy before venturing towards the bright lights of Bristol City Centre. The eldest of two siblings, he was never far from mischief (or an ear-bending for that matter!)

After completing his A-Levels in Business Studies and English Literature, Jordan began his career as a Telesales advisor and worked several Sales and Customer-Facing positions before starting his journey into the world of Recruitment.

Since 2017, he’s been focused on helping his clients across Germany to secure the best technical talent the market has to offer.

Check out his Q&A below…

Can you tell us about your background and career up to this point?

So, I started my career as a telesales advisor and worked a number of customer-facing positions in eCommerce, Healthcare, Insurance and Fitness sectors before beginning my recruitment career in 2016 and I haven’t looked back since!

What do you like most about working the DevOps / Cloud German market?

There’s a couple of things…

DevOps and Cloud professionals are passionate about what they do. Every day I am talking to people who genuinely have a love for what they do. They’re keen to tell me about the projects they’re working on and the latest trends etc. Not only is it enjoyable to speak to these people, it also helps me understand my market even more, which is obviously a plus!

I feel like the market is more fast-paced in Germany. The tech landscape also differs from city to city – adding lots of variation to my role.

I love German culture. I’ve visited a fair few times and I think it’s a great country. I’ve been learning German for the past couple of years, so it’s cool to be able to practice what I’ve learnt on my clients and candidates. (I’m by no means fluent, but they appreciate the effort… I think).

What would you say has been the biggest challenge since you’ve started?

I guess the main challenge has been brand recognition – although I’ve been working the market since 2016, Revoco are relatively new to Germany. So, making clients aware of who we are and how we can help has been my main point of focus. 

Things have been really positive since I’ve started. We’ve been working on the way we position ourselves in the market and so far, feedback from our German contacts has been good.

We have some great partner programs already, so watch this space!

What’s been the biggest achievement of your recruitment career so far?

I helped one of my clients to onboard an entire project development team (10 consultants) for a large scale financial services platform, within the space of 10 days. 

You managed to secure a role at a difficult time – during lockdown. What would you say to anyone impacted by Coronavirus, looking for a new job?

It’s definitely a turbulant and uncertain time. I understand and sympathise with candidates who may have lost confidence in the midst of all of that has been happening. My advice would be, remain positive and be persistent. In a lot of cases at the moment, things are completely out of the candidate’s control. My advice would be, focus on what you CAN control e.g: making sure your CV represents you in the best light. You’re clear on what you can offer to a new role and you’re focusing on areas where you need to improve professionally.

How does Revoco compare to other companies you’ve worked at?

Working at Revoco has been completely different to anywhere else I’ve worked before.

Some of the things that have stood out to me the most since I’ve started is:

  • Work/life balance – we’re given the opportunity to work home when we want and we’re embracing a 4.5 day week. I’ve got more time to spend with friends and family on a weekend!
  • Flexibility – we’re given freedom and flexibility to work how we want to. As long as we’re delivering to the best of our ability.
  • Support – the culture is really supportive. We’re all learning from each other constantly.

What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a career in recruitment?

The main thing is  – work hard and work smart!

Recruitment is a game of attrition so you need to be resilient and methodical in everything you do, and be prepared to deal with adversity.

It may take a while to see the desired results, but you’ll never see those results if you’re not putting in the effort.

Catch clips from Jordan’s Instagram Q&A in the video below…

The best way to find out more about life at Revoco is by checking out our Instagram. Follow us here.


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