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Top tips from recruiters you probably haven’t considered

Uncover the best-kept secrets of the job market as our team of experts share their best recruitment tips and advice for candidates, giving you the tools you need to secure your dream job.

In today’s job market, standards are high and competition comes in many forms, especially in the tech industry.

And when you consider the rising unemployment rates and dip in job vacancies, it’s vital to do everything you can to stand out from the crowd if you’re serious about knocking the socks off top recruiters and potential employers.

That’s why we’ve assembled all the big hitters at Revoco to lift the lid on some of the best-kept secrets in the world of recruitment. Let’s explore.

Lifting the lid: top tips from recruiters at Revoco

“Double up – but make it relevant” – Lily Francis

Our Recruitment Engagement Lead, Lily, has advice that pertains to the art of perfecting your CV.

Although many candidates have had it drilled into them that a great CV cannot exceed two A4 pages, Lily is here to rock the boat. Our transformation expert insists that if you have valuable experience to share with a recruiter, share it!

Recruiters and hiring managers would much rather know about your relevant experience than have you keep vital information off your CV just to conform to a two-page limit. So, as long as your written content is still tailored to the role and full of value, don’t be afraid to submit a longer CV.

“Express yourself” – Iain Brook

Our Data & Engineering Practice Lead, Iain, also has some valuable insight when it comes to the best CV tips.

According to Iain, who has a wealth of experience in the recruitment biz, you should always include your hobbies, interests, and personal projects on your CV. Not only do these personal elements give recruiters a well-rounded picture of you as a person as well as a candidate, but Iain reminds us that they also act as the perfect icebreakers in interviews.

In this competitive job market, we agree that it can’t hurt to have talking points at the ready that are unrelated to your working life, to help you build rapport with whoever’s interviewing you and have more chance of establishing a connection with them.

You never know, sharing your love of French Impressionists or penchant for golf might be what pushes a recruiter to invite you to interview over somebody else!

Iain Brook profile banner

“Sweat the small stuff on LinkedIn” – Tim Farmer

Like most of our team, our Delivery & Account Practice Lead wants to reinforce the importance of LinkedIn.

According to Tim, one of the most effective ways to invest your energy is to enhance your LinkedIn profile. Given recruiters’ tendency today to look at LinkedIn over job boards, it’s more important than ever that your LinkedIn profile stands out.

One of Tim’s best LinkedIn tips is to make sure that your profile includes an exhaustive list of your job experiences, career highlights, key skills, recommendations, and more. Because of the platform’s advanced algorithms – all of which highlight the strongest candidates to hirers – the more you put into your profile, the more you’ll get out of it.

Tim farmer profile banner

“Be open to work” – Nicola Hopes

Our Delivery Consultant, Nicola, shares an emphasis on LinkedIn’s importance in today’s job market.

According to our in-house tech wiz, one thing you have to do on the platform is make sure that your ‘Open to work’ is set up. Whether you do so privately, so that only recruiters can see, or notify everyone, utilising this feature could be the difference between you being considered for a job or not.

To up your chances of being seen, make sure you include what you’re looking for and where you’re happy to work. As an added tip, check your privacy settings and make sure you’re open to receiving InMails! This way, recruiters can contact you directly, with ease.

Nicola Hopes profile banner

“LinkedIn isn’t always a numbers game” – Christine Christodoulou

LinkedIn can be an intimidating place for candidates, but our Co-Founder and Director, Christine Christodoulou, is here to calm your nerves.

When it comes to LinkedIn job applications, Christine reminds us that you shouldn’t be concerned about how many candidates have reportedly applied for a role you’re looking at. When looking at jobs on LinkedIn, you can often see that there are hundreds of applications – even when the job has only been live for thirty minutes!

However, there are often reasonable explanations for this unrealistic influx of applications, and it’s nothing to be intimidated by. One explanation is that the job poster has had to refresh the role, but it has retained all previous applicant numbers, without restarting at zero. So, it’s highly unlikely that hundreds of people have applied so quickly, and the job isn’t quite as competitive as it seems.

Even if hundreds of candidates have applied for a role, you can bear in mind that a very high percentage of these applications won’t be suitable for the role, whether that’s due to inadequate experience or an unsuitable location.

At the end of the day, if a role feels like the right fit for you, nothing should stop you from applying for it!

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“Lean on your network” – Josh Abbott

Last, but certainly not least, we have some sound advice from our Associate Director, Josh.

Josh’s advice to candidates is to never be afraid to utilise your existing network. Whether it’s by contacting your past colleagues or reaching out for advice from previous recruiters, you can always find a surprising amount of support from your network.

Not only can communicating with your existing network lead you to receive great advice and foster stronger connections, but it might even open you up to incredible job opportunities. Plus, practising your professional communication with those you already know can only help you in future endeavours.

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Get more top tips from recruiters

If anyone knows the top recruitment tips, it’s our Revoco dream team!

Something that came up across the board was the importance of LinkedIn. The platform’s prevalence in today’s job market makes it an invaluable tool for candidates, and our team’s LinkedIn profile tips can help you to make the very most of it.

Although the job market can at times be a scary place, we’re here to remind you that there’s so much you can do to stand out to employers.

From tailoring your CV and including your unique hobbies, to customising your LinkedIn profile, there are so many ways to boost your online presence and improve your chances of getting seen by your dream tech company.

For more advice on how to land your dream tech job or to learn about our current vacancies, get in touch with our team today.


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