Ben Morgan | Principal Consultant - Contract Guru

Ben Morgan

Principal Consultant - Contract Guru

Growing up Ben always wanted to be a milkman so that he could see his Mum everyday but soon realised that he didn’t like milk or his Mum (only joking Ben’s Mum x) . He was brought up in Norwich where he enjoyed running through fields of wheat and the pedestrianisation of Norwich City Centre. 

At 18, he moved to London to study music at University and on completion of his degree, he relocated to the deepest, darkest part of Devon to become a member of Meeky Rosie. They had recently signed a record contract with the ex-managers of Duran Duran and the future was bright.  For the next 7 years he lived with his manager and family in a beautiful home in Totnes overlooking the river Dart.  Here they recorded their album, toured Europe and met some fantastic people along the way.

Unfortunately, the band didn’t work out (but please download his songs from iTunes) so with a large student debt that needed to be paid off Ben needed to secure a role where he could keep the bailiffs from the door.  After a short stint at BT, Ben got into recruitment and has never looked back.

With the arrival of baby Max Morgan, Ben has forgotten his rock and roll past and now can be seen changing nappies with an enormous smile on his face.  


0117 440 7814


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