Charlie Wagstaff

Charlie Wagstaff

Recruitment Consultant - HCM / Workday Wonder

Having grown up in quite a few different areas of the UK throughout his childhood, Charlie likes to think he has a penchant for accents (his Birmingham one definitely needs some work though) however he's still very much a Yorkshire boy at heart.

With one older sister who is currently exploring the world, Charlie is the youngest in his family but his dogs are definitely the ones considered the babies of the family now he's flown the nest. He doesn't begrudge that at all! Honest.

Having lived in the countryside for most of his early life he's grown an affinity for the outdoors and most things involving it. He was most often found rowing or up a hill somewhere. But, having now lived much closer to civilisation he's become a bit of a foodie and loves cooking at home as well as eating out (far more often than he should). 

Charlie is taking on a new different kind of challenge with us here but one he is diving headfirst into and we are confident he will also excel at!


0117 440 7816


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