Sam Doney

Sam Doney

Delivery Consultant - Top Talent Finder

Growing up in Cornwall Sam always wanted to be a carpenter like his uncle but after realising he had two left hands and spent far too much time with his nose in a book, instead of being in the workshop, he swiftly gave up on that plan. As a teen he was a budding actor and star of many shows which were a wonder to behold (according to Sam’s mum). 

A childhood surrounded by the beauties of one of our most remote counties wasn't enough for him so Sam made the move at 18 to “the big city” – Bristol!

Graduating from UWE with a degree in Psychology he fell into IT sales where he found a strange enjoyment in learning about networks, servers and software. Eventually moving into IT recruitment Sam has a genuine interest in the work that his clients are doing and enjoys supporting them on innovative growth plans in the technology sector.

In his spare time Sam is an avid skier having been every year for 6 years (and will continue to do so, or so he thinks!) Lover of music, films and an ice cold beer Sam will often be found down the local pub chatting to anyone that will listen!


0117 440 7820


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